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Cartoon Character Design and Illustration is what im all about! I live in Cornwall and when im not playing with my Basset hound I love nothing more than creating random, unique and sometimes crazy cartoon characters for all sorts of business’.


A cartoon character or company mascot is sometimes a great way of presenting you or your business. Whether its a fun and cheeky represeantation or a corporate approach, its always important to make it right. Alot of people remember the face of a character more than a logo!

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Why you need a cartoon character?

If you are looking for a Plummer called Pete, Bee keeper called Berral, or a Mouse called Morris then you have come to the right place. As a character designer i would be able to make you dream character come to life!


Cartoon services:

  • Cartoon character/mascot illustration

  • Concept and character advice

  • A whole series of characters in a set style

  • Comic strip art

  • Childrens book characters

  • Animal cartoon character designs

  • Fictional character mock ups

  • Caricatures



Publications include:

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Be sure to check out my References page to see what my clients have had to say about the cartoon character designs I have created for them. If you have a character that you need to bring to life, get in touch today and I can set my magic crayons to work!