Billy & The Tingles

Children’s Book Illustration/Character design/Book Series

Authors: Laura Walker & Carol Laugharne

This children’s story book of ‘Billy and The Tingles’ is specially written and illustrated to enable professionals, parents or carers to read it to children who have displayed low level sexually concerning behaviour. Hearing the story of Billy will prepare children who are about to embark on some direct work with a professional using our accompanying resource pack. We envisage that this book will be useful if used prior to and during the intervention to help children understand the process and to reduce any anxieties they may have. We perceive that the users of the book will be a range of professionals including Social Workers, CAMHS Practitioners, Learning Mentors, Nursery and Children’s Centre staff;  indeed anyone who cares for children up to the age of 11, or older if the child has learning needs.

Laura and Carol would like to acknowledge all the children they have helped over the years.

ISBN: 978-1-909301-74-0