You wouldn’t believe it when we said a dog could fly, would you? Well, perhaps you will when you meet Bootsy, the world’s first flying dog!

Written by Richard Unwin.

childrens book cover illustration

One day Bootsy watches a pigeon flying up high into the sky. She gathers her ears (for she is a Cockapoo, and they have fabulous ears) and goes for a fly! In Bootsy’s Picnic Adventure she watches a group of swans and their cygnets, and flaps off to see where they fly to.

Is Bootsy going to get tired trying to keep up with the swans? Join her and her family to see what happens when they all take the the skies! Bootsy is a charming story, but also informative. It has an index at the back of lovingly drawn creatures you would find at a lake or river, and you can use it to identify birds and creatures when you go out on a walk! Dive into Bootsy and enjoy so much more than a lovely story with adorable pictures.