Children’s book illustration/character design

Written by Kaeleigh MacDonald.

Working with Sarah….

When I wrote my story Extra! I knew that I would have to find a fabulous illustrator who would be able to understand my story and characters and really bring them to life. That’s the thing about writing a picture book, it only works in as much as the pictures can captivate the audience! After hours of pouring over portfolios online, I came across Sarah’s site. Her watercolour style was exactly what I was looking for and she was incredibly responsive to any questions I had about the process. I was right to have chosen to work with her! The finished book is more than I could have dreamed, the vibrancy of the images and the way she captured my characters personality, have lead to the production of a gorgeous picture book that my young readers love! Every person who has viewed this book has commented on how beautiful it is, that’s all Sarah! Without Sarah’s skill and hard work this book wouldn’t have been a possibility, I highly recommend her to anyone who asks!

Book Release….

childrens picture book

The book is out there to buy. Everyone has commented on how striking the images are and how much they love it.

Here’s the Amazon link to the book… just click!

childrens picture book

The book was on Amazon’s Hot New Release list in Parenting and Families for 3 weeks and held the #1 spot during the first day. It also placed within the top 100 Books on the Best Sellers list for Parenting and Families during the first 2 days and peaked there at #31 (making it a “best seller”)