“Get down Liam, that’s too high.The boxes will fall and you will cry.”

picture book illustrator


Liam is always climbing on everything! He climbs on boxes, on stairs and on trees. He’s always told he shouldn’t climb as it’s dangerous and he could fall. One day, whilst getting ready for a big day out with his Daddy, the breeze blows the front door shut. His Daddy’s keys, phone and the tickets for their fun day out are still inside! Will Liam’s ability to scale any wall help them to get back into their house and make it out on time?

“Liam” is a great book for new readers. With rhyming sentences and a great moral at the end, young readers will love Liam’s naughty adventures. They will also learn about being safe and adventurous – at the same time! If you have a little monkey aged 5+ then Liam will be a great story for them to read with you, and alone.