I have always been the sort of person to not over think what I am drawing, I find that when you over think something it tends to come out in the completely wrong way! I tend to be expressive, quirky and like to have a little oddness about the drawing… However every single drawing or painting needs a certain amount of preparation and planning, so here’s what happens

My method of drawing…

I like to scribble ideas down, wether its on the best quality watercolour paper or simply on a napkin! Its a crucial process of developing up an image!

sketching out the ideas makes the whole process start, once these ideas are finally on the paper I use the ‘Lightbox process’ building up images layer by layer! making the most simple image become complex and detailed.


This is also a good method when drawing people! different angles and minute stage movement, This is where being and knowing the character is a crucial part! Its so important to have a clear profile made up wether its in your head or on paper. How the character  stand, what sort of expressions they have and how they fit on the page. For a sequence of drawings more planning is needed, and one needs to think of a number of questions at the same time (which is part of the interest of the job)


The key factors when working on a children’s picture book are:

  • Whats the characters personality?
  • What does the character look like?
  • Whats the theme/style/mood of the picture book?
  • What going to go on what page?
  • Hows the books layout going to enhance the flow of the story?
  • How do the character move around in the book?


When faced with such planning… I tend to not think to hard into it! I like to call it… Working of ‘Gutt instinct!’ I find its a great thing, trusting yourself to know what looks and feel right! Being a little spontanious is always a good way to work…

Being self-critical!

Yep, I know… sometimes its hard when you have spent 3 months on a book and have to sit  there and have a final critical look at it! Sitting there ripping it apart thinking of trying new things, looking at how things work together on a page and thinking…”How can I improve this!



The character…

When I am given a brief, I lie to almost sleep with it! Read it, look at it until I find my self seeing pictures as I am reading! The first, and most important thing of all is characterisation! Become the character! If the character is not 100% at the start of a picture book it can through the whole project out!