Rembrandt & Kiki Series

Bilingual Children’s Books – Learn a new language… by having fun!

10The Rembrandt & Kiki series is one of the current series I have the pleasure of working on.

Written by:

Jane Archer-Wilms: Jane studied English at university before becoming an English and Drama teacher. After teaching in England and Germany, she worked for nine years at The British School in The Netherlands.

Marlies Veenhof: She spent ten years as a Dutch primary school teacher. Marlies studied communication, Dutch, speech therapy and education at university, and has spent time abroad teaching English as a second language.

These books are bilingual books for children. Through enjoyment of the stories, children are encouraged to learn a second language.


rembrandt-kiki-book-seriesThe books are intended for use both in the classroom and at home. Every page is written in Dutch and in English, and with vibrant and lively illustrations children will readily learn new vocabulary in their second language.

Each of the stories has a free audiobook that can be accessed here.

Its becoming more important that children learn a second language, its good for social development too! The earlier that a child is exposed to a second language, the easier and quicker that language is to learn. Yep!

Rembrandt & Kiki is one of my favourites! Its such a fun series! you never know what they are going to be up to next! A fun and stimulating series for families to enjoy all over the world! A great approach to teaching English or Dutch from an early age.

You can buy these books from:

Rembrandt & Kiki website