Theme tunes and Voice-overs

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read your story to your loved ones whenever they wanted you to, as often as they wished, and without the resulting sore throat?!

Well, we are very excited to announce that we can make that dream a reality with our brand new audio-book service! It’s a very simple process too!

All that we need is for you to supply us with a good quality recording of you (or someone else if you prefer…!) reading your story. We will then create a professionally mixed and mastered mp3 file of you reading your story, layered over a bed of complementary sounds and special effects! You can then give this to your loved ones, and they will be able to listen to your story being especially read to them, over and over again – as many times as they wish!

childrens illustrator Sarah Leigh wills
“the theme tune and sound effects for my animation series are FANTASTIC!”
– Gillie Can Share Director

But why stop there? We are particularly thrilled to offer a bespoke theme tune writing service! What this means is that you can read your story over your very own tune which we will produce for you! Again, the process is very straight forward. If you have an idea for a theme that you would like us to make, send us a recording of you singing, humming or even whistling it, and we will make it for you!

If, however, you can’t think of your own, then no problem. Just give us an idea of the sort of tune you would like, and we will make one up for you! Once created, we will supply you with audio files, with and without the narration, so that you will have everything you need to showcase your book to your friends and family! 

picture book illustration