There are proven statistics that show that a book with colour illustrations will sell more copies than a similar book with no illustrations. Why is this trend so popular? Simple. Having a story with beautiful drawing helps to inspire creativity, and convey life lessons. Our lives can be tedious, read and see something beautiful, learn something new through a visual representation in the book. Being able to relate to the audience and promote your message in more ways is priceless, not to mention it makes the book more readable.


When It Started

The idea of using pictures to depict a story goes back to the era of the cavemen. All over the walls would be relatively accurate drawings of the world around them. There was significance behind these paintings, from warnings to sickness, victory, to even their history. When an illustrator can take events or a manuscript, and breathe life into the once verbally spoken story; it leads to wondrous discoveries. Stories are best told with pictures as it allows the listener or reader to build off of the picture given, to make a sort of play in their head. Having a picture to guide your mind is what makes picture stories such crowd pleasers. The style became more popular in the 19th century and has since become a staple in the learning process of every child.

Sparking Creativity

No matter the age, people will at times need a little bit of help trying to see the exact moment an author is portraying. Not to mention in children, these visuals are great for introducing very new or abstract ideas. Authors utilise illustrations to bring emphasis to a particular section of the book, normally along the line of the plot. While an author wants to be as descriptive as possible, for the sake of the audience as well as the editing process, these words must be severely limited. Thus, the author will collaborate closely with an illustrator to bring to life the text he or she spent creating. This should not be views as a last resort, but as a utilisation of all resources available.

Conveying Ideas

When there are diagrams, pictures, and overall an excellent representation of text in a visual manner, people tend to gain more from it. People can glean the main details, plot point, as well as potential conflicts, all by the use of one picture! Depending on the audience that is being targeted, having a good illustration can help bring home the lessons parents and teachers have been trying to instill. With children, there are many benefits to showing them picture books. These books show actionable ways for the children to act, thus becoming more like their favourite character.

Bridging the gaps in the audience is a critical point in being able to maintain sales, and get a great review. Being able to have relatable content is what most parents are striving to give their very impressionable children. When providing, or purchasing a book, be sure to look for great illustrations throughout the text. There is no other way to add such a monumental value to literature than by adding pictures.