I like nothing more than having a giggle, heading outside, getting the old vinyls out, or creating musical chaos!!!sarah-leigh-wills-childrens-illustrator-2016

Im not the most serious of characters!! As you can probably tell….! I’m VERY bubbly, full of life and can NEVER sit still (or be quiet infact!) I like a good laugh and am not afraid of making a fool of myself. I’m a country girl and love nothing better than spending time outside walking, messing around and just enjoying life! I have a big love of music, and have a severe love of MARMITE….. Especially straight out the jar!! mmmmm…. !

That aside for a second,  here’s a few things about me, and what I get up to when I’m not in my office drawing or getting paint all over the place!!

My Artwork…

I have spent many years around animals, spending 10 years on a farm, showing and breeding them. But these days I just love drawing them! I have a passion and a gift (passed down from my father) ‘THE DRAWING HAND’ – I like to call it! So when I am not focusing on client projects I like to spend some time on my own little ideas and projects.


(Illustrating, I Love drawing animals with a passion!)

Gillie can Series…gillie-can-series

For years I have been designing and illustrating books for other authors…. So I have decided to pop on the authors cap for a change and create & write my own Gillie Can. Its a new Children’s book series aimed specifically at Early years. Providing books & resources that will encourage young children to learn and to have confidence in themselves. Learn with Gillie.

Me & BarryMy love of music…

I have music on from the moment I wake up till the moment I nod off… LITERALLY!! I live and breath the stuff! It started from a young age, when I would spend the weekends with my dad and we would go through his record collection. I would spend hours and hours sitting with headphones on, going through them all. Ever since then I have grown a love for it! Myself and my husband Barry (who’s also music mad) now have a HUGE collection of our own, and we love nothing better than putting a vinyl or 2 on! Beats the tele hands down!

My favourite bands…

I have a broad love of music. Anything with a decent tune, pretty much floats my boat… for example I love a good old boogie to a bit of 80’s pop but also like a nice relax to say… a bit of Lumineers. I love pretty much like ALL music, apart from rap/clubbing tunes! (not really my thing) I’m always off to local gigs, and off to see live bands play! I love the atmosphere of a live gig! you cant beat it!

marc bolan

(Love to draw Marc Bolan in my rare spare time)
I’m also a HUGE 70’s & 80’s music fan,  I love the clothing (yes I do own/wear mostly 70s clothes!) and I particularly love the bands and artists of the eras! Some of my favourites include: Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Steve Harley, Human League, ELO, Bryan Ferry, OMD and Erasure…. you get the picture! Just pretty much ANYTHING in the 70’s & 80’s!!!

My love of making NOISE!…

electronixbandYep. I do….. I play the drums, Bongos, Congos and I am also learning to play the Bass, Banjo and Fiddle!! Well trying too!! haha. I ALWAYS wanted to play drums, but also have always had a huge desire to learn to play a banjo & fiddle from a very young age, ever since I saw Billy Connelly playing one on the tv, and from that day I always told myself that one day I would get around to it! Also i’m a massive Waterboys fan! So thats another reason.

I have a big love of instruments but I also like singing too, so much so that myself and my husband now have 2 bands. One is ELECTRONIX – this is a Synth Covers band. We play stuff like Erasure, OMD, Human League, Gary Newman, Depeche Mode etc. This music has always been a favourite of ours and this year have decided to get out there and share that love!

11223758_1644055859197747_1223583769122604929_nOur second band is the polar opposite… BELTANE – this is a Marc Bolan Tribute band. But we do not play the Glam styled stuff…. we are solely Acoustic, we pride ourselves on our early Tyrannosaurs Rex style and focus. Playing everything from Marc’s back catalogue. Beltane has also become very popular on the Marc Bolan fan club scene and we have had the plesure at playing some very exciting events. We have played in Sweden, London and Cornwall. This year we have 2 more london gigs lined up an have the massive honour of playing in front of Marc’s family.


(Beltane – Sweden 2015)


(Beltane – Sweden 2015)

leafWhere I live…

Look at this….. this is where I get to go and stretch my legs! Good Ol’Bodmin Moor! I love nothing better than just trudging across all of this with all the wild ponies and sheep running around me! I love living in Cornwall. Its such a stunning part of the word! it really is! (when its not raining) There are so many places to go, and enjoy. Its a great inspiration too… especially working on so many animal based books… I get LOTS of my ideas and thoughts from adventures I have had in Cornwall!


(Bodmin Moor!)

ladybugMy family…

I have a wonderful family! yep! Just look at them! (they will kill me for putting this on here!)

I have 3 brothers and a sister called Bella (she’s a springer spaniel btw! – Yep I’m nuts I know!) I love spending time with them, especially my dad! He’s a champ! I have a lot to thank that man for (apart from making me soooo small) my love of music, my drawing abilities, and my work ethic! (he is a work-a-holic like me). But then, thats my point exactly! 🙂 My mum is also a massive part of my life. She’s always there for me and has NEVER let me down, Also she makes me soooo many nice wooly jumpers and things 🙂


(The family!)

Well we all have a wild side… mines just literally! but on a serious (ish) note… all the fun aside I am a very professional designer and illustrator and would love you to get in touch if you have any work or projects you wish me to get involved with!

Looking forward to talking to you!