The Importance of Children's Books

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Children’s Literature Presents a Value that is Simply Immeasurable

Children have a way of absorbing almost everything that is placed before them. childrens-book-illustratorTherefore, it is crucial to arm them with as much knowledge as possible while they are young. Exposure to a wide variety of literature is a bridge that connects them to unlimited amounts of success throughout life. This bridge is represented by not only educators but also parents, family, mentors and community leaders.

We all know that reading is essential to help children excel in studies, but there are many other advantages to exposing them to various literary concepts. Children react to what they read in ways beyond your wildest imagination. They grow to appreciate and value their roots, understand their ancestry and gain a clear perspective of the world they live in. When children read, or are read too, they hear more than mere words. They develop a meaning of their own regarding the literature they are reading. Children gain immeasurable knowledge about their minds, body and emotions from the literature they encounter. It is important for children to be exposed to medical, creative and historical literature at a young age. From this exposure, they gain a true perspective on life at an early age and learn to form thoughts and opinions of their own based on knowledge gained from reading.

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Confidence Builder

children's book illustrationSome of the most interesting conversations are between adults and children. This is because children are brilliant thinkers and have the brightest ideas. Their cognitive development is founded on their response to literature they’ve read and their ability to formulate opinions on the material. Once they’ve absorbed it, they utilize the knowledge in many areas of life. Reading doesn’t give you every detail of a specific situation, nor does it restrict you to only one perspective, but it allows children to formulate their own opinions. Therefore, group reading is effective for children because it allows them to express their differences in opinions while considering the opinion of others.

This is a tool of preparation that will be essential as they grow older. Evaluation and analyzation of literature is something that can be learned early on. Take, for instance, a book that has only illustrations with no words. Present a book of this kind to a child, and you will be amazed at the variety of stories they can create from the pictures. Each time the book is opened, the story is likely to change. Expression is an effective form to help build self-esteem in children. The opportunity and ability to create stories from illustrated literature strengthens the levels of self-respect and esteem children will have for themselves as they grow older.

Personal Awareness

Children’s literature should not be restricted to fairytales and children’s illustrations. There must be a balanced exposure to other books such as those that provide medical knowledge in early year’s books also. There are many ways in which these type books help children become comfortable with and aware of the changes that take place in their bodies. In many cases, children are forced to deal with illnesses that occur within the family. Medical literature for children can be presented in a manner to help them better understand the illnesses and what is going on with the sick person in their family. Again, the minds of little ones have a way of absorbing things and forming their own opinions. Medical books for the early years are a great way to help them gain clear perspectives of the changes that take place with their bodies as they grow older. This type of literature teaches children that we are all different shapes, sizes and colors and unique in our very own way. It teaches them to accept their bodies as they are and to only implement the changes that they want based on their own feelings and never the negative opinions of others. Exposure to medical literature encourages a healthy and happy childhood that evolves into a very similar adult experience.

Personal Development

The value of children’s books is priceless as it brands the development of personality and social skills for little ones. Because they are so impressionable during the developmental years, exposure to early year’s literature helps children to be intelligent, courteous and caring people. There is a quality of importance for students to understand and take into consideration the opinions of others. To establish and maintain healthy relationships, children should know that not everyone will have the same viewpoints as them. Not everyone has been exposed to the same circumstances in life. Literature can be expressed through nursery rhymes, songs, theatrical plays and other forms. The important thing is to introduce the age-appropriate literature to children early in life. Expectant moms should definitely read to their unborn child. Not only is this a bonding moment for mother and child but also becomes a habit for the parent and an expectation of the baby once he arrives. Just as babies react to certain sounds and movements while in the womb, they will hear what’s being read to them and once they make their entrance into the world, they will want to hear more.

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Children’s literature holds substantial value in school, home and spiritual environments. children book illustrationInstructors, parents and community members must be able to tell the appropriate time to introduce early year’s books, children’s illustrations and other formats to the children. Providing appropriate access to literature for children is equivalent to providing a stable foundation for them to become productive in life. It forges a proper opportunity for them to make informed decisions, assume responsibility for their actions and to consider others in all that they set out to do in life.  There are many ways to incorporate reading into the daily lives of little ones. Begin early by reading to them, ask them to read labels on food and other products and alternate reading pages or chapters when reading a book together. This mixes things up a bit and keeps the little ones interested in reading, and as time progresses, it will become a normal part of their daily lives.

This is why I design Children’s Books

Through the belief that children do learn a lot about life experiences through books, I strive to ensure that when designing and illustrating books that I try to make them stimulating and educational for the child. It’s so important to teach children from an early age, and this can be through simply reading a funny book with mum or dad. Education can sometimes be a daunting thing, especially if a child has difficulties. Hence, every child learns differently, so in my books, I like to add a little something for all ages and abilities.

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