Are you looking for a children’s book illustrator and designer to turn your idea into an actual book?

I can create that book from start to finish!

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My services will provide you with…


childrens book illustrator

My name is Sarah and I am a well-established children’s book illustrator, with over 12 years’ experience. I love nothing better than getting my crayons out, as I’m really a big kid at heart. This allows me to create the books that children love!

Whether you’re looking for a crazy crocodile, wimpy washing machine, or a flabby flamingo, my experience in creating unique children’s illustrations means that I am able to approach any project with unique and exciting ideas, and not just the typical run-of-the-mill art and layouts.

Bringing Your Story to Life

People often get stuck with how to bring their books to life, and this is where I can help.

Frequently asked questions include: “What’s the process?”, “How do I go about getting my story made into a book?”, and “Can I just get two copies made?”

I can guide you through the whole process, starting with your story and going right through to getting the book printed. I can answer your questions along the way, and make sure that you are getting the book you want out of this journey.

What Can I Offer You?

  • Original and unique illustrations that children will love
  • Layouts and printing taken care of
  • Affordable, professional illustrations that won’t break the bank
  • A series of artwork revisions to get your book looking perfect
  • Final art work supplied in your desired format: High resolution PDF, TIFF, EPS etc., for any purpose/any size
  • An illustrator that will work with you every step of the way, ensuring you’re happy with the progress on your book
  • FREE proofreading – included in all HD packages.
  • A few giggles and smiles along the way!


How Will We Fit Together?

It is well known in the children’s book industry that the younger market is one of the hardest to impress due to children getting easily bored when reading. This is why it is so important to find the right illustrator.

Illustrations are key in bringing your book to life. To truly capture a child’s attention you need your illustrations to be funky, fun and eye-catching. This is where I can help! Your illustrations will have a unique and distinct style, presenting the characters and the story in a way that intrigues and entertains children of your target ages, and sometimes even adults! I think that every drawing must be unique and unforgettable. It has its own character, its own look, its own story.

You want to stand out, and to do this each and every character in your book needs to be distinct and memorable. Whether it’s a loveable bunny rabbit or a devious fox, I really get into the heads of your characters to make their mannerisms, actions and emotions truly believable and interesting, which children love!


Select the style you like…

When we write stories, we all have a style in mind. So to get the best out of a journey and to create the book(s) as you have imagined, I offer a varied amount of styles. We all have different tastes, after all!! 

childrens book illustrations styles


My Illustration Process

If you want the very best characters for your children’s book, you need to know your characters and their stories inside out. I have a particular way in which I like to work to ensure that every point is covered.

Step one

childrens-book-illustrationAs soon as I receive a book project the first thing I do is read the story. I read it multiple times and start doodling whilst I read, which helps me determine how the character should look. I also put voices to all of the characters and try to imagine what they would sound like. After a while I have an entire backstory in my head and can see their ages, their friends, where they live and what emotions and characteristics make up their character. I keep sketching until I get the character in my head on paper, and when I have finished these initial sketches, I send them back to you for feedback. I feel it is this process that really sets me apart from other children’s book illustrators! I work closely with my clients from the very beginning.

Step two

childrens-book-illustrationYou need to choose your illustration style! See above for the four styles I offer, and let me know which one you want. We can then refine the drawings to really make sure they are how you envisioned them, and I will help with any aspect if you would like advice. This process always results in a truly distinct set of characters that children as well as adults will love! This is the part where I get out the paints and crayons; it’s an amazing part of the process as it completely transforms the drawings.

(Changes are unable to be made after this stage free of charge as they will require a re-draw)

 Step three

childrens book illustratorOnce your characters/illustrations are complete to your satisfaction, it’s time to bring them all together. I will help with any aspect if you would like advice. This process always results in a truly distinct set of characters that children as well as adults will love! The use of the digital software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign then takes over the paint brushes and we can start to create your dream book.

Generating the digital form is where the book truly comes to life. This is the stage where we set the text with the completed illustrations. Getting to see how it all works together is SO rewarding.

How Do I Work?

My process is pretty simple…I don’t do complicated!


1// Firstly, it all starts off with a chat about the story(ies). It is such a fun adventure, so it’s important that I have a good understanding of the story, its characters, its focus, and anything else we need to discuss.  happydesigner-desk

2// You then provide me with ALL the details regarding the book. A typed copy of your story, a descriptive paragraph/synopsis for the back cover, and a dedication for the book, should you want one. Also you can inform me of any ideas for characters and design if you have any. I will also need to know if I have any illustrative restraints. As explained above, let me know which style you have chosen. 

childrens book illustration3// Then it’s storyboard and sketch building time. This is where you can check the sketches and make any suggestions you wish. (Changes are unable to be made after this stage free of charge as they will require a re-draw).

4// Illustration development (approx. 3-4  weeks of work dependent on the complexity of the illustrations. I will advise).

5// Book template generation. Importing the text and images, editing etc. (approx.  1 – 2 weeks).

6// Once all the book work is complete I will then send you your first draft. 

childrens book illustrator7// Once you are happy the proof is ready to sign-off, I will provide you with all the final files (print-ready PDFs) and if you want me to I can liaise with a printer on your behalf. I can also put you in contact with some book printers that I use, or get some printed for you! So you don’t have a thing to worry about.




happydesigner-lightboxHow About Extras?

As a FREE ‘Thank you’ for letting me work with you on your book(s) I offer my “Premium” customers a free spot on my ‘children’s picture book’ page, on my website to advertise, sell and showcase their book(s):

I also offer a special extra to help you make a promotional pack to go with your Book. This includes Colouring Sheets, Promo images of the completed book and copyright images that you can safely use to promote your book online 🙂 Please ask for more details.

childrens book illustrationI also can help you get a small webpage up to help you promote your book, provide a PayPal link for people to purchase the book etc. (please feel free to ask for further details)

Also if you need a logo, if the book is going to become a series. (available as part of the self-publishing package)


childrens book illustrationI have worked on lots of books here is my publications list: I also have a large gallery of my latest illustration work available to view on my website. So if there is a preferred style you like please just let me know:


notepad-wtWhat about an ISBN number?

Isbn information: Here’s the website you need –The URL for the ISBN Store is:

The email address to contact us is:



Once you have your ISBN number, I can generate Barcodes and apply them to the book for you.


Proof Reading & Editing?proof-wt

All done in house for you, So you don’t have to worry about finding someone to help, your already here! I offer free proofreading with ALL packages. 


printer2-wtSo what about the book layouts and printing?

As well as the illustrations themselves I can also package them up into a professional standard printable book PDF, ready to send to the printers. I can manage this whole process for you, so you don’t have to worry! All you need to do is contact the printers, Put me in touch and I can hand over the files for you. (GIFT PACKAGES I get a book printed for you, so all you need to do, is look out for the delivery man 🙂

childrens book illustratorI use professional layout packages to layout your books and pages and this approach also means it’s a very cost effective method of printing a childrens book.

If you are self-publishing and require printing please have a look at these guys for quotes:
Its always worth asking around and finding which suites you 🙂 But these guys produce GOOD, SOLID books 🙂


An idea for Self-Publishers…

I can put you in touch with a small publisher, that will consider your submission and will give you a discount! They can also offer marketing and sales advise. 



If you are looking to have a small website built you can get in touch with: Tracey Rickard She is my website developer and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else 🙂


Book launch and exhibitions

Launching your stories, characters and books is a huge step, and the most important factor about this is getting people to see who you are and what you are all about, it makes all the hard work worth while. I can help you with any aspect of this, if you require posters, adverts, exhibition stand design or even life size cut outs of the characters themselves.


Ready for me to wave my wand of creativity?

If you like what you have read above and are looking for an reliable and affordable children’s book illustrator, Then get in touch and lets make your story come to life!