Publications: That I have illustrated and designed over the years.

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Over the last 15 years I have had the great pleasure to have worked with some amazing authors, writers and publishers. I have almost 200 books in my portfolio; here are the titles, to date, that I have illustrated and designed.

Individual Titles: 2020

Bootsie – Written By Richard Unwin
Seven Legs – Written By Aline Urion
Meg’s Great Escape – Written By Anne Helliwell
The Long Way Home – Written By Ben Hilton
Tidy Spider – Written By Craig McCann
Magic Nana – Written By Gareth Edwards (IN PROGRESS)
Panda Party – Written By Hannah Clifford (IN PROGRESS)
Girls Brave Day – Written By Helen Beesley (IN PROGRESS)
Dina the Unicorn – Written By Jane Link
Mincemeat – Written By Melanie Davis (IN PROGRESS)
The Doodle Dozen – Written By Michelle Gibbs
The Name that blew away – Written By Teresa Bellamy (IN PROGRESS)

Individual Titles: 2019

Big Race – Written By Jonathan Caudwell 2019
Roopert Snoopert’s Mischief in Space – Written By Paul Micklewright 2019
My Brother is an Animal  – Written By Amna Gull 2019
My Wobbly Wobbly Brother  – Written By Amna Gull 2019
There’s a Monster in my Bed  – Written By Dean Cooper 2019
Duck Tales  – Written By Jill Horn 2019
Why the pawn could not go backwards!  – Written By Lateefah Sparks 2019
Granny Farty Pants  – Written By Linda Jones 2019
Mountain Hare  – Written By Lorna Howorth 2019
Eric the Elephant  – Written By Lucy Foulds 2019
Maisie Daisy and Daffy’s Cosy Blanket  – Written By Elizabeth Wilson Bas 2019
Cora’s Cheeky Chickens – Written By Rachel O’Brian 2019
The Maltipoos and Family – Written By Sarah Gayton 2019
Elephants NEVER Forget… Apart from Junior! – Written By Terry Willis 2019
Mr Jangles – Written By Sue Johnson 2019
Grandma’s Tales  – Written By Iresine Wolf 2019
The Kangaroo’s Quest  – Written By Leslie Heath 2019
River Friends  – Written By Kevin Smith 2019
Adventures of Max Mouse  – Written By Jill Horn 2019
Meet Max Mouse  – Written By Jill Horn 2019
The Tale of Mr Busy Beaver  – Written By Hector Bailey 2019
I Am What I Believe  – Written By Frankie Samah 2019
Firefighter Ruby  – Written By Emma Greenhalgh 2019
Where Do I Belong  – Written By Arianna Webb 2019
Bell to the Rescue  – Written By Barbara Pearson 2019
Salt of the Earth  – Written By Susan Tanner 2019
A Book of Magical Stories  – Written By Jill Horn 2019
Kimberley and the Lost Tortoise  – Written By Liz Dinsmore 2019
Henrietta Hen in Trouble Again  – Written By Ozgen Halil 2019
I Can Do It By Myself / I Don’t Want To  – Written By Terry Willis 2019
When I Grow Up I Want to be like… Toyah 2019 – Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills (IN PROGRESS)
Once I Saw a Band Called OMD 2019 – Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills

Individual Titles: 2018

Sheep Don’t Go Shopping  – Written By Pippa Taylor 2018
Radish  – Written By Anna Jaques 2018
The Ruined Stories  – Written By Julianah Adegbemisoye 2018
Where Are We Today  – Written By Gill Action 2018
Mr Leafy and Friends  – Written By Rebecca Herrington 2018
The Seaside Holiday – Written By Rebecca Herrington 2018
Up Popped a Dinosaur – Written By Jonathan Caudwell 2018
Isabella and the Candy Floss Clouds – Written By Kate Mahoney 2018
Isabella and the Magic Umbrella – Written By Kate Mahoney 2018
Isabella and the Woodland Walk   – Written By Kate Mahoney 2018
Isabella at the Library – Written By Kate Mahoney 2018
Isabella at Gymnastics  – Written By Kate Mahoney 2018
A Place to Call Home  – Written By Suhmayah Banda 2018
Charlie the Fearless and Tancho the Brave  – Written By Suhmayah Banda 2018
Everywhere is Somewhere  – Written By Suhmayah Banda 2018
Maisie Daisy and the Strawberry Fayre  – Written By Carole Bas 2018
Who Stole My Seeds  – Written By Jo Timperley 2018
Skyla  – Written By Reina Bonici-Mompalao-Lee 2018
Sadie the Spider  – Written By Julia Geens 2018
Shadrach The Lion  – Written By Daniel Ralph 2018
Buddy’s Dream of Race Cart Gold  – Written By Brian Smith 2018
Chilli and Pickles Out Fox the Fox  – Written By Tanya Page 2018
Chilli and Pickles and the Lost Lamb  – Written By Tanya Page 2018
Jess the Scaredy Sheepdog  – Written By Tanya Page 2018
The Dalby’s at the Beach  – Written By James White 2018
The Dalby’s at the Theme Park  – Written By James White 2018
Darcey Doggy  – Written By Reid Whaley 2018
Seal Adventures  – Written By Helen Dee 2018
How The Board Came To Be  – Written By Lateefah Sparks 2018
My Daddy Works On An Oil Rig  – Written By Andrew Douglas 2018

Individual Titles: 2017

Extra! – Written By Kaeleigh Mcdonald 2017
Gonk – Written By Micheal Cowan 2017
Gordon the Genius Pig and The Case of the Missing Carrot  – Written By Joanne Livesey 2017
Atticus’s Secret  – Written By Jenny Henwood 2017
Arthur and the Troll Bridge  – Written By Stuart Snape 2017
Birdham Bear’s First Christmas  – Written By Lynne Healy 2017
Go To Sleep  – Written By Marion Adams 2017
Percy the Pipistrelle Bat  – Written By Tamsin Lee 2017
Olive  – Written By Stuart Neath 2017
Cecilia  – Written By Stephen Lienert 2017
Colouring with Birdham Bear  – Written By Lynne Healy 2017
Ellie-Boo and the Ruby Scales  – Written By Elizabeth Rickard 2017
Earthy  – Written By Lynn Robertson 2017
The Dalby’s and the Christmas Train  – Written By James White 2017
Birdham Bear  – Written By Lynne Healy 2017

Individual Titles: 2016

Sad Park 2016 – Written by Kate McMillan
The Light  – Written By Claire Bennet 2016
A Sailor and His Frog  – Written By Jenny Ryan 2016
I Don’t Like Swimming  – Written By Joyce Dooknah 2016
Freddie’s Adventures on the Beach  – Written By Ray Ramm 2016
Sammy At School  – Written By Ashley Cain 2016
Sammy At the Beach  – Written By Ashley Cain 2016
The Dalby’s: New School Term  – Written By James White 2016
Annie’s Grannies in Decorating Disaster  – Written By Darron Love 2016
My Li Tel  – Written By Barrie Pennington 2016
The BIG BIG BIG Surprise  – Written By Hazel Milne 2016
Night Night My Little Tiger – Written By Lottie Prentice 2016
Chickens Can’t Fly  – Written By Jason Middleton 2016
The Extraordinary Prince  – Written By Tanya Quinn 2016

Individual Titles: 2015

The Two Naughty Labradors: At the Sea Home – Written By Jan Wyslych 2015
Brush With A Broomstick  – Written By Charles Barrington 2015
Four Stories For Ruby  – Written By Colin McSweeny 2015
Wellybobbers Visit Tikka Tonga Lake – Written By Agnes Connelly 2015
Hugo The Little French From The Chateau – Written By Lucia Sevcikova 2015
Once Upon A Time Ruby… – Written By Colin McSweeny 2015
You’re a Star Thomas Blackstock – Written By Neil Allan 2015
Old Copper Kettle – Written By Susan Mycock 2015
Billy and the ‘Tingles’ – Written By Laura Walker & Carol Laugharne 2015
Old Empty Chair – Written By Nicolas Charles Wilson 2015
Strong And Mighty Max – Written By Kristina Gray 2015
Together-Ness – Written By Christopher Evans 2015
The Two Naughty Labradors – Written By Jan Wyslych 2015
My Daddy Is A Builder – Written By Dan Offord 2015
My Green Apple – Written By Cecil Cameron 2015
Gee the Elephant – Written By Robert Iles 2015
The Old Empty Chair – Written By Nicolas Charles Wilson 2015

Individual Titles: 2014

The Horse and the Rabbit 1 Feb 2014 – Written by Karen Mitchell Jayne and Nicole Naylor
The Gripper Slipper: Two daddies version 6 May 2014 – Written by Anna E Alexander and Caz Ferrell
The Gripper Slipper: Two mommies version 6 May 2014 – Written by Anna E Alexander and Caz Ferrell
The Travelling Trio – Written By Amanda Adiohwo 2014
A Beginner Guide to The Mysterious World of Mermaids – Written By Rebecca Fearon 2014
Adventures of Squeaky – Written By Minnie Florence Thomas 2014
Kevin the Canvas Canoe and His Friends: Marmaduke the Motor Cruiser – Written By Nigel Reed 2014
Kitty Adventures – Written By Chrissie Birchall 2014
Mrs Beeton and Her Dog Woolen – Written By Kaberi Mitra 2014
Scragg Finds a Home 12 Dec 2014 – Written by Patricia Horsley
Santa’s New Reindeer – Written By John Bradstreet 2014
Natalie Rides the Train – Written By – 2014
Tappy – The Little Robot in Our Shed – Written By Jon Dempsey 2014
In The Light There Would Come To Be – Written By Julie Mitchell 2014
Princess Rebecca and the Stolen Crown – Written By Sam Joyson-Cardy 2014 
Sad Park
2014 – Written by Kate McMillan

Individual Titles: 2013

Snuggle Bug – Written By Martin Hirst 2013
Marigold The Organic Garden Witch – Written By Tracey Wathen-Jones 2013
Red Rabbit – Written By J Hargreaves 2013
Its Not Easy Being A Wolfboy – Written By Andrew Jeffery 2013
Penn – Written By Sarah Feldman 2013
Dirty Feet – Written By Fiona Griffiths 2013
 Three Babies and A Bride – Written By Carron Bell 2013

Individual Titles: 2012

St Ives Memory Bay: Artists Colony And The Community – Written By The St.Ives Memory Bay Archive 2012

Vasco Adventures Series

1: Vasco Visits Grandpa – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2015
2: Vasco and the Bigger, Badder Wolf – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2015
3: Vasco in Toyland – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
4: Vasco and Little Red Riding Hood – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
5: Vasco and the Pirate Treasure – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
6: Vasco and the Bad Girl – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
7: Ayanda and the Dinosaur – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
8: Vasco and Santa Claus – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
9: Vasco and the Obstinate Shrimp – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
10: Vasco and the Lost Whale – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
11: Simba Goes For A Walk – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
12: Vasco and Portugal’s Cup – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2016
13: Vasco and The Dragon – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2017
14: Vasco and The Loch Ness Monster – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2017
15: Vasco and The Dinosaurs – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2017
16: Chocolate House – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2018
17: Super Vasco – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2018
18: The Riddle of the Lost Temple – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2019 
19: The Runaway Balloon – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2018
20: Magic Pencil – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2019 
21: Vasco and the Red Pirate – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2019 
22: Vasco and the Wrong Book – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2018
23: Fearless – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2020
24: Evil babysitter – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2019
25: Revenge – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2019
26: The Queens Jewels – Written By Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva 2020

Gillie Can Series (my own new series)

Gillie Can Series Awards
Gillie Can Share 
2018 – Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills
Gillie Can Help 2021 – Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills (IN PROGRESS)
Gillie Can Count 2021– Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills (IN PROGRESS)
Gillie Can Play 2021– Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills (IN PROGRESS)
Gillie Can Make 2021– Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills (IN PROGRESS)
Gillie Can: Colouring 2021– Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills (IN PROGRESS)

The Busy Body Series

1: Bertie Bread And Rosie – Written By Heather Hawley 2014
2: Susie Sugar And Tom – Written By Heather Hawley 2015
3: Josie Juice & Mathew – Written By Heather Hawley 2015
4: Wobbly Walter – Written By Heather Hawley 2018

Roopert Snoopert Series

Roopert Snoopert’s Day out at Noseyrudesville Zoo – Written By Paul Micklewright 2019

The Rainbow Riding School Series

  1. Ketchup Loses His Voice2017 – Written by Jennifer Henwood
  2. The Arrival of Blanco2017 – Written by Jennifer Henwood
  3. Atticus’ Secret2018 – Written by Jennifer Henwood
  4. Ponynapped2018 – Written by Jennifer Henwood
  5. Pixie the Pantomime Pony2018 – Written by Jennifer Henwood
  6. The Storm2019 – Written by Jennifer Henwood
  7. Gymkhana2019 – Written by Jennifer Henwood

Adventures of Marky Series

Marky – 2020 Written By Karen Abramson

Chloe & Ben Series

  1. Funtimes 2016 – Written by Caroline Meek
  2. Messy Play 2016 – Written by Caroline Meek
  3. Sammy Sun 2016 – Written by Caroline Meek
  4. Walter Wind 2016 – Written by Caroline Meek
  5. Christmas 2020 – Written by Caroline Meek

Clickety Books Series

Clip Clop’s Picnic (Early Soundplay Series) 31 Oct 2013 – Written by Sally Bates
Flossy the Bossy Ostrich & The Precise Woodlice 31 Oct 2011 – Written by Craig Green and Dominic Vince
The Geese Police and Lucy the Juicy Moose 31 Oct 2011 – Written by Craig Green and Dominic Vince
Mark the Sparky Shark & Jacqueline the Black Alpaca 20 Sep 2011 – Written by Craig Green
Tracy the Pacy Plaice & Orsa the Saucy Horse 31 Oct 2011 – Written by Craig Green and Dominic Vince
Hoot the Tooting Newt & Sunita the Athlete Cheetah 14 Nov 2011 – Written by Dominic Vince and Craig Green
Butters the Fluttery Butterfly & Nat the Chatty Bat 14 Nov 2011 – Written by Dominic Vince and Craig Green
Millie Makes a Mess 15 Jan 2015 – Written by Sally Bates
Digby the Diggedy Dog 29 Jan 2015 – Written by Sally Bates
Flo the Flamingo 31 Aug 2014 – Written by Sally Bates
Jake the Achy Snake & Corky the Squawky Hawk 19 Sep 2011 – Written by Craig Green
Lucky the Plucky Duck and Erica the Picky Chicken 19 Sep 2011 – Written by Craig Green
Shorty the Warty Warthog & Dwight the Bright Kite 30 Nov 2011 – Written by Dominic Vince and Craig Green
Erica’s Chicks 31 Aug 2014 – Written by Sally Bates
Trish the Fish 31 Aug 2014 – Written by Sally Bates
Keelo’s Cookies 15 Jan 2015 – Written by Sally Bates
Sally The Sea Lion 31 Jul 2015 – Written by  Sally Bates
Tess & Bess 31 Jul 2015 – Written by Sally Bates
Clarabelle’s Cough 31 Jul 2015 – Written by Sally Bates
Jacqueline the Black Alpaca 1 Oct 2010 – Written by Craig Green
Corky the Squawky Hawk 1 Oct 2010 – Written by Craig Green
Erica the Picky Chicken 1 Oct 2010 – Written by Craig Green
Lucky the Plucky Duck 1 Oct 2010 – Written by Craig Green
Jake the Achy Snake 1 Oct 2010 – Written by Craig Green
Chatty Bat (Early Sound Play Series) 31 Oct 2013 – Written by Sally Bates
Jake’s Cakes (Early Sound Play Series) 3 Oct 2013 – Written by Sally Bates
Tess & Bess in the Park (Early Sound Play Series) 2018 – Written by Sally Bates  
Digby’s Busy Day (Early Sound Play Series) 2018 – Written by Sally Bates  
Shelley the Sheep (Early Sound Play Series) 2018 – Written by Sally Bates

Bella & Bentley Series

  1. Bella & Bentley2016 – Written by Suzanne Lees
  2. Bella & Bentley’s Day Out2017 – Written by Suzanne Lees
  3. Bella & Bentley Visit the Vet2018 – Written by Suzanne Lees

Walter Scottie Series

1: Walter Goes To The Garden Centre – Written By Cilla Duffield 2015
2: Walter And The Magical Fairy Door – Written By Cilla Duffield 2015
3: Walter And The Train Journey – Written By Cilla Duffield 2016
4: Walter’s Day at the Beach – Written By Cilla Duffield 2016
5: Adventures Of Walter Scottie – Written By Cilla Duffield 2016

Rembrandt & Kiki Series

1: Rembrandt & Kiki Move to The Netherlands  – Written by  Marlies Veenhof & Jane Archer-Wilms 2014
2: Rembrandt & Kiki in the Museum – Written by  Marlies Veenhof & Jane Archer-Wilms 2014
3: Rembrandt & Kiki at the Farm – Written by  Marlies Veenhof & Jane Archer-Wilms 2014
4: Rembrandt & Kiki at the Beach – Written by  Marlies Veenhof & Jane Archer-Wilms 2015
5: Rembrandt & Kiki in the Forest – Written by  Marlies Veenhof & Jane Archer-Wilms 2015
6: Rembrandt & Kiki in the Snow – Written by  Marlies Veenhof & Jane Archer-Wilms 2015

Holby Adventures Series

1: Holby Finds a New Home – Written By Sue Ding 2013
2: Holby Has a New Friend – Written By Sue Ding 2014
3: Holby Is Happy – Written By Sue Ding 2014
4: Holby Goes to France – Written By Sue Ding 2015
5: Holby’s Toast Quest – Written By Sue Ding 2015
6: Holby Goes to Spain – Written By Sue Ding 2015

Victoria Mouse Series

  1. Victoria Mouse Goes to Buckingham Palace2017 – Written by Tanya Page
  2. Victoria Mouse Visits Shakespeare’s Globe 2017 – Written by Tanya Page
  3. Victoria Mouse’s Big Ben Adventure 2017 – Written by Tanya Page

Uncle John Series

1: Uncle John Goes To London – Written By John J. Jeffers 2015
2: Uncle John To The Rescue – Written By John J. Jeffers 2015
3: Uncle John And The Badgers – Written By John J. Jeffers 2015

A few of my previous clients

Design against furSt Ives Memory BayEden ProjectSkyRespect for animalsPets at HomeSt Moritz Hotel

  • "Our brand wouldn't be the same without her on-going input. Just fab xx”
    - Justine Rogers, Dainty Dizzy

  • "The logos are absolutely fantastic, they are spot on brief and are even better than we imagined!Paolo Pini, Step Up To Languages

  • “Logos received with a BIG thanks, Basically I love them all” 
    Helen Chuah, Giggling Baby Products

  • "These posters and flyers are perfect”
    - Julia G, Manager at the Truro branch of Pets at Home

  • "Sarah is quality.  Not just her design but she is a pleasure to work with."
    - Bob Harper, Portfolio Marketing

  • Sarah is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable, she delivered 100% with a new logo that was spot on! We can't recommend her enough!” - Lucy @ Get Active

  • "I am absolutely THRILLED TO BITS with your illustrations! THEY ARE MAGNIFICENT!”
    - Susanna Jennicrai, Book Author

  • "It won’t be a struggle working with Sarah, it’ll be a pleasure. Can’t recommend enough”
    - Richard Quick

  • “I was so nervous ringing you as i've never done anything like this before, but you were so friendly and put me completely at ease.” - Donna Purvis

  • "Thank you so much Sarah! What a fantastic set of illustrations for the first in our series of children’s books. We can’t wait to work with you on the second book!" Jane Archer-Wilms & Marlies Veenhof

  • Sarah is an extremely talented designer and illustrator. She has that rare gift of being able to find something in your business or character that you never knew existed" Craig Green

  • Got home tonight and the books had arrived. Absolutely love them. My girlfriend loves your illustrations.” - Andrew Jeffery: 'Wolfboy Book'

  • "I hope my recommendation will persuade you to use Sarah! I cannot fault her, for her professionalism, enthusiasm and talent." - Michelle Hawkins, Director: The Flying DoDo

  • "You do have a very positive feel about everything you do. I do wish you continued success in all your work. All the best, SimonSimon James, Famous Children’s Book Illustrator

  • "She has a keen eye for the quirky detail, she is punctual and a joy to work with. I simply cannot praise her enough.” - Clickety Books

  • "WOW! Love it! I'm so happy with what you've produced- and with so little input from me. FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU” - Darren Pascoe: 'Red Rabbit Book'

  • "i really like ur books my mommy reads them 2 me all the time ur really good at drawling and i want 2 be like u when i grow up :-)"  Natassia Flegal (hd fan)

  • "Yes!!!! Wow…Love it!!! ..thanks so much, I absolutely the character design you have done for us!!! xx” Lisa Dell, Cornish Firewood

  • "Sarah provided us with an extremely friendly courteous and efficient service and injected an energy into the project, that only Sarah could" Discovery Leisure

  • "Sarah understood what I was looking for and produced a fantastic logo for me.  She is very approachable and friendly – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her” Katie Jarvis, Fancy Prints