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Looking at branding your business?

Looking to give your business a distinctive brand identity?

Successful branding design is not achieved by just simply creating an attractive logo. It’s far more than that because it needs to include a collective style and ‘feel’ that runs throughout your company’s being. For instance, where would Coca-Cola be without that instantly recognisable wording and ‘in your face’ red, or Google without their unconventional multicoloured logo of maverick simplicity?

Think of branding for your business in the same way as working out the best possible outfit you would wear when presenting yourself to clients. Do you go for the formal suit? Perhaps a more casual look? Jeans and a t-shirt? Or maybe shorts, flip-flops and socks? (By the way, don’t EVER consider the last option. That advice is free!) How your business presents itself to potential clients is vitally important for it to achieve its maximum potential and ultimate success.

Effective brand design

Visualising, designing and creating an effective brand is something that requires experience and an understanding of what people are looking for in today’s ever-changing world. We have almost twenty years of professional brand design experience – from simple logo design to complete brand concepts – to help your business stand out in the marketplace.

Keeping up-to-date with current trends means that we can offer advice in this fast-moving world about what is good, bad, fashionable, or undesirable in branding design. Perhaps you want to be unfashionable? No problem! Do you want your business to be flamboyant and in your face? We can do that! Or would you rather go for simplicity and make it look good naked? Well, just ask!

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Why not take advantage of our two decades of branding design experience…

By choosing Happydesigner to create your company’s image, you will be benefiting from almost twenty years of successful and diverse branding experience.

Your business will benefit from a fresh and professional look, and all designs will be created by someone who is willing to listen.

Many design agencies have a standardised procedure which they will use to create your branding, and your company image may end up looking a little run-of-the-mill. We don’t! Plus, we can offer advice and guidance from the very start and help you build your brand from the ground up if you need it. However, if you already have your own ideas that you would like us to work with and develop, that’s absolutely fine, and we can bring those ideas to life for you!

By guiding you and discussing everything at every step, we can be sure to avoid any graphical Frankenstein-type disasters. After all, the person that knows your company inside-out is, of course, you! So if you already have ideas and dreams for your brand’s identity, we can help you make those dreams a reality.

The complex process surrounding branding sounds expensive – right?

Yes, it is quite an involved process, and for a brand to be properly designed, there are many elements to consider, more so for the larger companies, but do not fear! It’s just as important, and in some cases, more important, for smaller companies to have a strong and well-thought-out brand identity, not just the supermassive corporations. We have completed work for small and medium-sized businesses and offer affordable branding solutions and advice, no matter what your company’s size. So whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Interested? Then get in touch, and let’s see where we can take your business. We love a challenge and already can’t wait to get started!!

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