Responsible. Recyclable. Supportive.

Our core business ethic has always been to ensure our clients’ needs and expectations, are fulfilled to the highest possible standard, along with many smiles along the way. However, we also have values that we believe to be equally important, and which we have been working towards quietly in the background. We would like to let you know a little more about them here…

children's book illustrator

In the early days of Happydesigner, all of the illustrations were designed and created using paper, pencils, pens, ink, paints and other such consumables. As the business grew, so did the need for more and more of these items, and amongst many other things, thousands of sheets of paper were disposed of during this time. Because they contained sensitive information, such as development sketches, unused final illustrations, names, addresses, draft stories etc, we had to shred all of these sheets. Regrettably, local restrictions surrounding shredded paper prohibited us from recycling this paper, and it all ended up in a landfill. Along with this, the inks and paints needed to create the illustrations were not always available in eco-friendly forms, and we were always conscious of the impact this was potentially having on the environment. Thankfully, over recent years there have been significant advances in technology within the art and design industry, brought about by the increasing processing power of the available computers. We have always embraced the available technology as much as we could reasonably afford, and with the advent of increasingly realistic electronic substitutes for the traditional ‘ink, paint and paper’ method of doing things, we decided that this was the way to go. Subsequently, we have invested many thousands of pounds in upgrading the technology and computers we use, thus reducing our reliance on paper & ink to what is now, almost zero. State-of-the-art hardware coupled with the very latest in software innovation, are now used exclusively to create all of the artwork, designs and books produced by Happydesigner.

childrens book illustrator

Although we offer various design and illustrative services, our business is primarily involved with the production of books. Whilst it is super to be able to read books on your mobile device, tablet or computer, nothing quite replaces the experience of holding a real book in your hand, flicking through the pages and enjoying seeing all of those beautiful illustrations in their full glory! We are, however, very conscious of the impact that this has on the environment, especially concerning paper production and the trees used in this process. We were exceptionally pleased, therefore, when we learnt that our preferred printing partner had introduced a recycled paper option, and we now encourage all of our clients to consider using this wherever possible.

National Trust, Happydesigner

Still aware of the need for further ways to help us become carbon-neutral, and to further help the environment as a whole, we looked to find other ways we could be more pro-active. We are excited to announce that we now support the National Trust and plant a tree for every book project we complete! This is our little way to help towards sustaining the tree population in the UK, which is something very close to our hearts.

We attach great importance to supporting charity’s, and actively make a point of producing one project each year for a charitable cause. On top of this, each year we will now choose a charity close to our hearts to support, and as well as donating to them, we will also promote the good work that they do throughout the year.

As Happydesigner, we have worked on numerous projects that have been specifically angled towards helping children in various ways. These projects have been particularly rewarding, knowing that we have contributed in some small way, to the wellbeing of these children, something which is close to Sarah’s heart.

As a general comment to finish with, although we absolutely enjoy what we do here at Happydesigner, the hours can be long, and it can become extremely intense at times. So, in order to preserve our sanity, and be able to maintain the high calibre of work we proudly produce, we take regular daily walks around the beautiful countryside where we live, and endeavour to start and finish every day with a smile!