Looking for a quirky, fun yet professional Graphic Designer?

Then look no further! As a UK based company from its inception over 15 years ago, we have worked with many prestigious, UK and global businesses on numerous projects, enhancing their brands and providing them with visuals in our own unique way.

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One of the first questions you might ask yourself is, should I employ the services of a large, impersonal, fancy pants London based branding company? Or should I consider a friendly, hands-on and approachable Graphic Designer in little old Ross-on-Wye? Well, it may be that there are pro’s and con’s for both options, and in the end it will always come down to personal choice, so let us tell you a little bit more about how we work and the design options we offer…!

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The difference between Graphic Design and successful Graphic Design

Successful graphic design is all about communicating a message through carefully crafted images and words, in such a way that ensures the conveyance of a clear and compelling statement, as well as positive feelings. An accomplished Graphic Designer can produce a vision for your company and the brand by creating persuasive advertising, utilising, where relevant, illustration, animation and photography, along with other layout and print techniques.

Some of my most recent Logo designs:

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  • happydesigner logo design

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Give your business a boost by hiring a Graphic Designer

You may not have previously considered employing the services of a Graphic Designer as a key element in the marketing of your business. However, hiring a quality Graphic Designer can significantly increase your brand’s visibility, by designing for you, exciting and eye-catching graphics for your website and as well as all printed advertising and corporate stationery. This will undoubtedly improve your perceived public and professional image, ultimately resulting in potential for  increased sales.

All of these elements are handled by a Graphic Designer who will facilitate your brand building procedures by offering innovative ideas on brand development. An accomplished graphic designer is the answer to the effective promotion of your brand within the UK, and beyond, as they will have a solid understanding of what it takes to make your brand attractive, and create something for you that will seize the attention of your target audience.

Logo design process

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Some methods of advertising for your Graphic Design

It would be relatively easy to design a basic logo and slap it at the top of your other printed/electronic media, passing it off as a re-brand, as some other so-called ‘Branding’ companies do. This, however, is something that we would never consider doing when working on a commission to redesign your branding.


We specialise in offering tailor-made services, effectively getting your message across to your target demographic in any format requested, some examples of which are:

  • Newsletter design
  • Leaflets and flyers
  • Brochure design
  • Letterheads and stationery Design
  • Business cards
  • Reports

These can be used to ensure your message is effectively delivered to the people you wish to target. We have worked with, and can suggest quality printing companies for you to use, as well as supply all of the required print files directly to them, to make the process as easy and as straight forward for you as possible.

If you have future plans to expand your business in the UK, or indeed globaly, then it is a great idea to employ a Graphic Designer who has the ability to quickly grasp a significant understanding of your competition, and be able to effectively address your company’s publicity and visibility needs locally, nationally and internationally. This is something that we are well experienced in doing.

Publications include:

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  • children's book illustration
  • childrens book
  • publications-mightymax
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  • bella-bentley1-publications
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  • publications-hugo
  • annies-grannies-publications

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  • publicationsgreenapple
  • childrens book illustrator
  • publications-travisperkins
  • childrens-picturebook-penn
  • publications-sally
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  • chloe-weatherbys-4-publications
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  • chloe-weatherbys-1-publications
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  • elephant-publications

Graphic Design for businesses: It’s all about the first impression!

The effective use of graphic design is proven to play a vital role in determining the success of your product or business, as research has shown that the design you choose to portray your image is 9 times out of 10, the very first point of contact for your potential new customers.

Whether it be through a brochure, website or business card, the need to ensure that a clear and effective message is conveyed to your buyer is essential. 

It is vital that the very first encounter is instrumental in forming a long-lasting relationship, and only an attractive and persuasive message can perform the task of being an effective form of communication. As UK based Graphic Design company, We can help your brand by creating a unique design that will positively influence the reaction and decision-making of your target audience in the UK and beyond. We provide effective and skilful graphic design that can help build confidence and trust in your brand and your organization, and in the process, it will ultimately aid in generating more revenue.


Graphic design that will last for years

Our clients often come to us with their current branding which looked acceptable when created, but began to look outdated within a short period of time and has been continually updated in order to keep it relevent. This is not good for businesses as you do not want to be paying out for refreshing your brand image regularly, plus, your potential clients like to see a clear and consistent image that they can connect with and relate to.

We believe that one of the secret ingredients to lasting and effective Graphic Design is research.

Instead of opening up Photoshop and diving straight into your lovely new design project, the first thing we start with is to collect all relevant business information from our clients, to find out all about them and what makes them special. We then use this information to carefully begin crafting their new brand image. We continue this research throughout the process in an effort to ensure that we capture every important aspec of the business or product, so that we can refine the design.

Spy on your competitors! Then blow them out of the water with some genius new branding!

Part of our research also involves looking at our clients competitors, asking questions such as; who are the big players in their market, which companies have been consistently successful and why, and what have they done from a branding point of view that makes them stand out from the rest? We discuss these points with our client, and use the positives to help create a finely tuned design brief that will give us a clear path to that perfect design!

lamp-wtReach a new level of success for your business

An effective and well thought out design is the primary ingredient in any successful brand development process. A persuasive image incorporated with a clear message, can catapult your business to a new level of success.

So if you are a business owner in the UK (or for that matter, anywhere else in our big wide world!), we would love to work for you as your graphic designer, and help make your product/business stand out from the crowd in this world teeming with competitive branding!

Just remember, the first impression usually turns out to be the final and lasting impression.

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