Character Design: from ants to giants!

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Professional and affordable Character design

Character Design and Illustration is what Happydesigner is all about! We are based in the UK, and when we’re not having fun with our Studio Cat, Erik, we love nothing more than creating random, unique and sometimes crazy characters for all types of businesses.

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A custom character or a company mascot is a great way of presenting yourself or your business. Whether as a fun and cheeky representation, or a more corporate approach, it’s essential that it is a perfect fit for your needs and your business. For many people, it’s far easier to remember the face of a character than it is a bland graphic logo!

Why do you need a cartoon character?

Perhaps you’re a Plumber called Pete, a Bee-Keeper named Beryl, or maybe a Mouse-Catcher called Morris, and you would like a cartoon character created uniquely for you, then you have come to the right place! As a professional character designer with over two decades of experience, we will work closely with you, define precisely what it is you are looking for, and ultimately bring your dream character to life!

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Our Character services include:

  • Character/mascot illustration
  • Concept and character advice
  • A whole series of characters in a set style
  • Comic strip art
  • Children’s book characters
  • Animal cartoon character designs
  • Fictional character mockups
  • Caricatures

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Our Publications include:

Be sure to check out my References page to see what my clients have had to say about the cartoon character designs I have created for them. If you have a character that you need to bring to life, get in touch today and I can set my magic crayons to work!

Some of our previous clients

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