Every creative professional needs a good team behind them.

childrens book illustrator

Happydesigner has developed massively over the last 15 years. I started off in my bedroom with a laptop, and now I have a full time studio with a full schedule of work :). I used to manage EVERYTHING by myself, spending more time on emails than drawing, working 7 days a week, and finding no time for myself. But then, I burnt out…! So I made the call to develop a team of people to help Happydesigner be the friendly approachable business it is today.

So here are the people you will meet along the way:


(Illustrator, Designer & Company Director)

childrens book illustrator uk

I’m a happy, positive and well-driven person. I love music, and like a pot of yoghurt raisins on the go. I have been in business for 15 years now and Happydesigner is like my child. Work isn’t a chore for me, it’s my passion. When I’m not illustrating (which I find hard NOT to do) I can be found sat in my armchair needle felting crazy little characters. Or I might be out enjoying the views on a nice walk. But you can find out more about me here.



(Studio Manager & tea maker)

I have known Barry for several years, and when I decided that it was time to employ an office manager, he was without a doubt my first choice! He has worked for various major UK companies such as North Sea Ferries & Swift Caravans, both in customer care & managerial positions, and, because of this, has a wealth of experience to call on. He also ran his own, very successful business for 12 years, and has the patient and understanding manner necessary to be able to run my studio effectively.  He has a good knowledge of the English language and carries out some proofreading for me. In his spare time (when he manages to find some!) he is a bass player, vocalist, songwriter, recording engineer, and has a micro-recording studio.



(Blog & Social Media Guru)

Nicola lives in Cornwall with her human family, two Irish Wolfhounds, two cats and a snake. When she isn’t wrangling one or more of these to get them to eat/sleep/be quiet/play games/stop throwing things, she writes her own fiction. Nicola has a Master’s in Creative Writing, which she uses for her work as a proofreader, editor and general “ARGH I NEED THIS THING WRITTEN/EDITED BY LAST WEEK PLEASE CAN YOU HELP?” person. Being a mum to many, Nicola has little time for hobbies but if you give her a cup of tea, a bit of Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth of course) and leave her alone for five minutes, then she finds her batteries have recharged enough to go onto the next thing. She’s been working with me for just over three years now and loves everything about Happydesigner.



(Studio Fur Baby / cuddle buddy)

I have wanted a cat for years now… Well he arrived March 2020, and the studio wouldn’t be the same without him. His eye for detail is mind-blowing and also he’s a great listener 😀