Animal Illustrator: creatures large and small

We’re an animal illustration studio with a difference!

Sarah is so passionate about animals and loves nothing better than creating wonderful and quirky illustrations of them! Whether it’s scribbling down a quick sketch or creating a six-hour masterpiece, she’s in her element! All you need do is give her a pencil and a cute puppy to draw, and she’s away in her happy place!

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As a recognised animal illustrator, Sarah loves nothing better than working on creating unique and quirky images of all types of furry friends. So, whether it’s for a birthday present or a way of preserving a very special memory, we can help!

We just love animals!

Having lots of our own pets, we know only too well that every single animal has its own personality and characteristics, even in the simplest and most subtle ways! Sarah knows how important it is to capture all of their cheeky charms in an illustration, and is able to do this in her own quirky, unique way!

Here at Happydesigner, as a small family-run studio, we are able to give you a very personal experience at a very affordable price with a few smiles along the way, too!

It doesn’t matter if it’s your dog, hamster, or stick insect; as your animal illustrator, we can illustrate anything you wish in our unique style and at any size. 

So, if your desire is to have a massive canvas of your pet dog or a tiny portrait of your favourite goldfish, we can help!

Having previously lived and worked on a farm for ten years and now being around our pets every day has given me the opportunity to study the shapes and sizes of many animals. This has led to me discovering little peculiarities that help me when visualising and creating illustrations of the many and varied animals I am commissioned to produce.

So why choose me as your illustrator?

When picking an animal illustrator it’s important that you trust them to faithfully recreate in an illustration the little things that make your special friend, well, special!! With our unique animal illustration package, we work with you to ensure we capture their true identity and look in a uniquely drawn image for you to keep forever.

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If you think that we are the illustration studio for you, just drop us an email with your details, and we’ll get back to you with more details about how we can help.

Some of our previous clients

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