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Branding design is not just a logo. It is a collective style and feel that runs throughout your companies being. I mean, where would Coca Cola be without that in your face red?  Where would Google be without their unconventional  multicoloured logo of maverick simplicity?


Think of branding as what you would wear when presenting yourself to clients. Do you go for the formal suit? Jeans and a tee shirt? Flip flops and socks? (By the way don’t. Ever. That advice is free!) Well you have to think about the same thing for your company!


Effective brand design

Creating an effective brand is something that requires experience and a natural understanding of what people look for in today’s ever changing media world. I have over 6 years of professional experience from simple logo design to complete brand concepts and help manage your complete company image.

I can offer advice in this fast moving world about what is good, bad and fashionable in branding design. Or maybe you want to be unfashionable? Do you want your business to be flamboyant and in your face? Or would you rather go for simplicity and make it look good naked? Well, call me Gok Wan!


Are you experienced? Well, not with branding design Jimi, thats where I come in!

By working with me, you will be dipping your fingers into my pie of experience that has been steadily rising for many years! Mm pie. Lovely pie.

Your business will benefit from a fresh and professional outlook and will be designed by someone who is willing to listen.

There are many design agencies out there who have a set look which they will force upon your company image, I prefer to offer advice from the ground up if you need it, but If you already have your own ideas, then that’s what we need to bring to life!

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By talking to you through every step, we can be sure to avoid any graphical Frankenstein type disasters. After all, the person that knows your company best is, of course, you! So if you already have ideas and dreams, I can help you make those dreams a reality.


Logos, websites, business cards… all this branding sounds expensive?

You would be right in thinking that, but it’s not just super massive corporations that need to think about brand identity; I have also done work for smaller businesses and offer affordable branding solutions and advice no matter what your size. So whatever your requirements, I’ve got you covered.

So lets have a chat and see where we can take your business. I already cant wait to get started!!


Branding services:

  • Logo design

  • Business card design and print

  • Stationary (Letterheads, reports etc)

  • Packaging

  • Brand identity and strategy concepts

  • Graphic design and Illustration

Have I forgotten anything? Get in touch! I love a challenge!!