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Great! You’ve come to the right place! I am an experienced and professional designer offering great value Web Design in Cornwall. My websites are of a high standard, focusing on being creative, accessible & cost effective. I see web design as an investment in your company brand and image, and can offer a service to easily match the big design agencies!

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computer-wtYou don’t need to be told how important it is in todays digital environment to have a presence on the web, after all, that’s why youre here right? I specialize in accessible and attractive web design that not only look great, but have the functionality in behind it. What does this mean for you? It means you get a great looking site, that enhances your credibility online and makes a big impact on your customers.

Ok, enough with the sales talk, I want a website!

Well thats great! But where to start? Well, before we can get started on the best new Web Design in Cornwall, as you know there are thousands of websites out there and it can be a daunting task deciding how to present yourself online…

Firstly, you need to make sure not to fall into the ‘template trap’ but also make sure you don’t overdo it and make something that’s a mess! So here’s some advice to help the juices flow!

website design cornwallThe dreaded template trap…

Just what is the template trap? Well, a lot of web companies will take their existing site structures (templates) and slightly modify them, for example change the header images, a few colours and (re)sell them to you! All my designs are completely unique and original, but also made to be easily implemented with exisiting templates if your budget requires.

If this is all a bit over your head at the moment, dont worry! All it means is, I don’t cut corners on your design which means you can be certain of getting a beautiful site in the scope of your budget!

A lovely looking site is only half of the story!

Ok, so I get a great looking site, what about the techy stuff? What else should I be looking out for?

A common trick to look out for from todays web designers is that they create beautiful looking websites, that simply don’t have basic functionality.

You will hear from many web designers talk about how athestetics are the be all and end all, but this is simply not the case. Yes, a great design is lovely and important, but what good is a lovely awesome looking website if you get no visitors?

The answer is of course, no good at all. People end up spending thousands of pounds on SEO after realizing they have had a lovely looking website that has no traffic in an attempt to get visitors, and ultimately, sales.

This whole trouble can easily be avoided by developing an SEO friendly site from the start, this doesn’t cost any extra, and then it will be very easy to start getting visitors when you decide to invest some money in it.

bassethound3-website-designExperience is key!

I have worked for many companies based in the UK on various Website designs and have stated to build a good knowledge in how to help you get the best out of your business visually!

One client mentioned;

“Sarah and I started working together in 2007 and has provided design for my businesses and my clients. 

Sarah is friendly, patient and able to interpret my ideas with concepts and designs that I like.

Crucially, Sarah understands that design needs to be commercial so ensures that what she comes up with doesn’t just look good but works towards bringing in sales.” – Bob Harper, Crunchers.

Valid code and SEO friendly web design

I work with an experienced and well known team of developers (the techy guys that laugh at floppy disk jokes! They’re lovely really!), that specialize in making the whole thing work to this high set of expectations.

I will provide you with support and also direct access to your developer, that you can work with to maintain your site with.

The good thing about this method of developing your website is that all steps of the process are done by specialized professionals in that field. It also means I don’t have to spend days pulling my curls out trying to make a site display correctly in IE6!! (one for the techies!)

graphic design cornwallThis all sounds as smooth as a penguin dressed for a wedding, but why should I choose Happydesigner from all the other web designers out there?

Its a good question. How do you choose? What makes me different from all the other web designers out there? Well I am confident in saying a lot! I don’t just view website design as one off job. I view it as just one area of ongoing development of your business. I take an interest in your company as a whole and from there can help you create a website design that stays true to your values and needs.

By working with me you can be sure to get;

  • A stunning, attractive and user friendly design
  • The best Web Design in Cornwall!
  • A well coded site that is SEO friendly and can expand with your business
  • Constant design consultation and support
  • Basically a website that not only looks great, but works great too. Simple as that!

beeWhat are you waiting for? Lets start on your lovely new website!

I work to affordable freelance hourly rates to help you cut costs in these tough financial times. So before we start we can discuss your budget and see what works best for you!

I also offer all sorts of design packages and deals, so drop me a message and we can work something out!