I have written a story for a children's book, what do I do next?

padIt's actually very straightforward! I can do most things for you, from help and advice with the initial idea, to creating the book itself, and of course - the illustrations! I also can advise and support you when you are dealing with the printers! 🙂 

I have outlined my easy 7 step process to give you an idea of how we can bring your book to life!

  • Step #1: Send me your story
  • Step #2: Storyboard
  • Step #3: Illustrations
  • Step #4: Book design and layout
  • Step #5: Digital proof and review
  • Step #6: Choose printing options
  • Step #7: Receive your book

For more information on my process and examples of my work, please visit my Children's book illustration page.

What happens when you work with me?

My process is pretty simple:happydesigner-desk

1: 50% deposit. Bank Transfer. Once payment has been received work will commence.

2: Please provide me with ALL the details regarding the book. A copy of your proof read story, A descriptive paragraph for the back cover, A dedication for the book (if you wish to have one). Also please inform me of any ideas for characters etc if you have any of course, the style you would like etc. and if I have any illustrative restraints! 🙂 

3. Storyboard/sketch building. This is where you can check the sketches and make the suggestions (if any) you wish. (Changes are unable to be made after this stage free of charge)

4. Illustration development (approx. 3-4 weeks of work dependent on the complexity of the illustrations) 🙂 

5. Book template generation. Importing the text and images, editing etc (approx. 1-weeks of work)

6. 1st draft will be sent to you for proofing. Once the final draft has been sent, final payment of the remaining 50% will be due.

7. I will provide you with all the final files and will le-aise with the printer if you wish 🙂 If you do not have a printer arranged I can put you in contact with some that I use.

The printer will come direct to you for payment, I do not have a cut nor have any extra at this point! and then you can always go back tot hem direct for more copies as and if you need them 🙂

How long will my book take to make?


This depends on a few factors, including:

  • The length of your story
  • The style/complexity of the illustrations
  • The amount of illustrations required

As a rough idea, the average book (28 - 36 pages) takes around 3 months to complete from start to finish.

More complex books (i.e. More pages, detailed illustrations etc) can take up to 3-4 months to complete.

Where can I get an ISBN number from?

booksThe process is much easier now and you can buy an ISBN online!
They come in 1, 10, 100 or 1,000.
The ISBN agency in the UK used to be Whitakers, but they were bought and combined with Bookdata to create Neilesen Bookdata. They manage the process of allocating ISBNs as well as a number of things that you will need to know about and use as we get into this project.

The URL for the ISBN Store is: https://www.nielsenisbnstore.com

The email address to contact us is: isbn.agency@nielsen.com

Who owns the rights to the book when it's finished?

book1You do!

You hold all the rights to the book and all of its content, meaning you are free to do whatever you like with it.
 I do however reserve the right to use the illustrations for promotional purposes and to display in my portfolio as and when I wish.

Can you put a barcode on the back for me?

YEP! 🙂 computer-wt

I sure can. All I need is for you to send me the ISBN number and I can generate the barcode for you and apply it to your books before it heads off to the printer. 🙂

What is a storyboard?

storyboardA storyboard is used at the beginning of a book project to:

  • Break up the story into pages
  • Visualise each page (With illustration and text)
  • Plan out the sequence of the story
  • Ensure the story flows correctly

As the creator of your book, producing a storyboard in the early stages allows us to plan out your story visually, ensuring the illustrations and text sit well together and we have a clear direction of the story from beginning to end.

Are there any other options for self-publishers when it comes to producing a book?

Other options... pad

If you are not wanting to sort the printing and the online side, you could always check out: Lulu, Amazon, Kindle publishing, Ingram Sparks and theres also KA BOOKS who work with helping to promote works by selected self-publishers. 

How much will it cost to print my book?

printer2Print prices vary depending on amount of pages/material/size of the book. If budget is an issue, I can suggest printing options that are very cost effective, or if you are aiming to produce a quality high end book, I can help you achieve that too. But I do not do the printing myself and you will be dealing with independent printers. 

Do you take commission on the books I sell?

envelopeNo, I don't charge any commission.

Once you have paid for my service, the books are yours to sell as you wish. I am a very honest an trusting person, so will trust that you will look after me once you are famous! 

What printing options do I have for my book?


There are lots of different print options available to you that can be a bit bamboozling when you start out! But never fear, I can help advise you on the best printing options that will suit the style, story and budget of your book.

Printing: If you are self-publishing and require printing please have a look at these guys for quotes: www.pureprint.com. Its always worth asking around and finding which suites you 🙂 But these guys produce GOOD, SOLID books 🙂 

Sizes: Some common sizes of picture books include A4 (Portrait or Landscape) and 21cm x 21cm square, but other sizes are available depending on budget.

Print Setup: I support you with the entire print process, from the book setup to liaising  with the book printer entirely for free on your behalf. I have established relationships with some great printers that my customers often use, but I am also happy to work with a printer that you have sourced yourself.

I don't take any commission from the printers, and after the initial print setup I leave you free to build your own relationship with your printer, making it easier for you to get more books printed as and when you want them.

How many pages do you recommend for a Childrens book?


In between 28 and 36 is the most common number of pages for an average children's picture book.

However, your book can have any number of pages, as long as the total number of pages is a multiple of 4 (because of the printing process).

What do you need from me to produce my book?

storyTo make things as quick and smooth as possible, I need the following things from you to get the ball rolling:

  • A copy of your story (preferably proof read) 
  • Descriptions of your characters
  • An idea of the illustration style required (if you have a preference)
  • A descriptive paragraph for the back cover
  • A dedication for inside the book (if you wish to have one)
  • A price? Would you like this added to the cover?
  • Do you have the Barcode and ISBN? If so I can add those also to the design for you. 

Can you recommend a professional proof reader?

Yes I sure can!!! happydesigner-inking

For editing and proof reading you can contact: Nicola Cottingham - I work with Nicola a lot - I trust her with my own series and website content - so she comes highly recommended. She has: 
1. A great imagination
2. A great professional eye for stories & writing!

Nicola has been working as a copywriter, editor and proofreader for nearly ten years. She began her copywriting life with Lush Cosmetics, and has experience of a huge variety of styles, genres and mediums. You can contact her directly via e-mail: nicolacottingham@yahoo.co.uk.

I'd like to produce a series of books, how do I go about this?

booksProducing a series of books is a fantastic journey. Whilst it can be an exciting process,  it requires some planning too. Key factors to consider when planning your series are:

  • Number of books/stories
  • Are they going to be released in smaller sets?
  • The cost to produce a series

 I also offer a promotional package to go with book sets, which can include a logo, website design and promotional print material. Lastly, I also can offer you a free listing to sell the book through this website! (Visit my picture book page for some examples!)

How many copies can I have of my book?

book-deliveryAs many as you like!

Whether its 10, 1000, or 10,000 copies, you  can arrange for any number of books you require. 

Top tip! When printing books, the more copies you have the less the price is per book.