Are you looking for a professional, music loving, Album artwork designer?!!!

Im a BIG music Lover myself, music is a BIG part of who I am… In my spare time I run/play in a tribute band called Beltane, Based in the Southwest UK. We are a Marc Bolan tribute! Well anyway… I could waffle on about that all day… You are looking for some album artwork? OK well you are in the right place… I have been a designer for 15 years, and have worked with alsorts…

I love a good rock out (don’t we all?) and know how important it is to have an awesome album artwork design that really stands out, fits your image and expresses what your music is about.

Because I am a freelance album artwork designer, we can work together one on one to really get a feel for what you and your music is about and how you want to express that through your album artwork.

album artwork

I find I have something in common with musicians in that we both work in a creative industry which means we are usually on the same wavelength and can create some really stunning designs!

Its all about the presentation

I know a lot of hard work goes into recording music so my job is to present that music in a beautiful, slick and original way, whether its in a standard jewel case, digipak or cardboard sleeve. We will make it rock!

No matter what style of music or packaging, you will get a professional, creative and cost effective  art concept for your album, ready to be taken to any printer or all arranged for you.

From concept to printing and packaging

If you are new to printing or would just prefer to do without the hassle, I can also help arrange the printing and production of your CDs, with high quality, professional printing and fast turnaround times. What more could you ask for!

All I ask for is that you invite me to free gigs and star studded after show parties! Its part of the contract 😉

album artwork

Album artwork design services for bands

I also offer a lot of other design services for bands and you can make big savings when combining some of these services. Just drop me an email for more details!

  • Front and back sleeves
  • Logo design
  • CD label
  • Inner booklet
  • Band posters and leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Website design and build
  • Arrangement of printing and duplication services

Need a band logo?

Im also mega into my logo design… so drop me a line if you need one of those too.

Some of my recent Logo designs:

  • lazygrill-logo

  • songlarks-logo

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  • clicketybooks

  • HJ-logo-design

  • ryanschest

  • kangeroofitness-logo

  • cecile

  • logo design

So, are you ready to rock?

Great! Drop me an email (I try to reply within 24 hours!) via the link below and lets put a face to that music! (Dont forget to include a link to some of your tunes!)