Cartoon and comic strip illustration: Bring the fun alive!


We are a professional illustration studio founded in Cornwall, and our cartoon illustrations have been featured in children’s books, comic strips, and animated series, as well as being used extensively on many websites and social media platforms.

Nothing else quite gives you the warm and snuggly impression you can achieve with a hand-drawn, unique cartoon-style character!


Whether it is a fluffy bunny or a serious snake, our cartoon and comic strip art will give you that approachable and friendly vibe! We can create for you a loveable furry friend to be used either as a logo or company mascot or to enhance your website! Have you got a vision for the next best-selling Children’s book? Then why not think about commissioning us to create a whole family of charming characters?

Our secret is that we always create everything with a smile and a nice cup of tea! There’s nothing better than to approach every day this way, and we firmly believe that this reflects in the work we do here at Happydesigner!

Cartoon services:

  • Cartoon character/mascot illustration
  • Concept and character design and development
  • Complete character series design
  • Comic strip art
  • Children’s book characters

Want a cartoon thats totally out of the box? We’re up for it!

Some of our previous clients

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