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Cartoon Logo Design is not your standard plain text corporate logo, it’s for people that want their business to be represented in a fun, unique and memorable way!


A logo done in a cartoony style shows your customers that you are a business that is fun, different and outside the box – it gives you a bit of character that people will recognise which is so important in standing out from the crowd. A cartoon logo will also help you connect with a specific and targeted type of customer base – making sure you catch the eye of the clients you want! They are fun and have a humour that give a friendly but also professional impression.


Cartoony = fun!

Just take the pringles man for example! Pringles have made one of the best cartoon logo designs in history; The cartoon face  of the Pringles man has been the focal point of the company brand for decades and the fun cartoon style of the logo means that Pringles is a brand that is associated with fun and good times!

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There are loads more examples of great cartoon logo design, just think of the timeless Disney logo or the unmistakable Looney Tunes logo! With a cartoony logo design you can make sure your business has a truly distinct and memorable character, that people will love and most importantly – remember!


Playful and Professional

Not only should your cartoon logo design be fun, silly and playful – it should also be professional. By this I mean that you don’t want it to look daft on a business card you give to a potential client that you are really looking to impress!

I will design your logo not only to be unique but also it will have a degree of professionalism that will allow you to use it in other applications. After all, you don’t want to be seen as a joke when presenting your company brand in the Dragons Den! Your cartoon logo will ooze confidence and trust while at the same time not taking itself too seriously in these tough times – values which your customers will love.


Helping you bring your ideas to life

So if you are looking for a Cartoon Logo Designer for your company, brand or product I would be delighted to offer you my experience, ideas and expertise. You will be in safe hands and I always bring enthusiasm to any project I work on. Whilst I offer my services at very affordable prices, unlike a lot of designers I will work WITH you rather than FOR you in bringing your new logo to life!

So head on over to the gallery to see some examples of my work or click the button below and tell me all about yourself and your ideas – I’d love to hear from you!