pet portraits

Have you ever wondered what your pet would look like immortalised in paint?

If you hadn’t guessed already, here at Happydesigner we are all about the pets! We love our furry friends, and we understand how important they are to all of us. Sarah, Happydesigner illustrator, is particularly fond of her rescued guinea pigs and cat, Erik. Nicola, the Happydesigner word-maker, lives in a veritable zoo, with Irish Wolfhounds, snakes and cats. So, we get it.

pet portraits

One of the things we have been asked a lot is if we do portraits of pets. So, in order to make sure you aren’t disappointed, we have come up with the Pet Pawtrait service! Whatever pet you have, whether it be a gerbil, dog, cat, owl or ostrich, we can create a fun illustration for you to giggle at, love, and treasure! Perhaps a beloved pet has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge, or you have a loveable poodle you want to remember always, or you have a cat who sleeps upside down! Whatever your reason, we can help you to create a beautiful and fun portrait (pawtrait!) that you can cherish always.

So, how do I get my pawtrait?

We have made the process as simple and as straightforward as we can. All we need is a good quality photo of your pet, along with a short description of their character, and we’re good to go! Then, once it’s drawn and printed, we will mount it, and send it out to you in the post for you to enjoy. Easy!


What do I receive?

You will receive an A5 print of an individually drawn illustration of your pet, in Sarah’s own unique style. When you have made contact with Sarah you can discuss the kind of style you would like, so make sure you have a good look through this website to get an idea of the kind of drawing you’d like Sarah to do for you. The picture will be mounted in a good-quality cardboard mount, ready for you to display in your own frame, or to just enjoy as it is. Head to the Pet Pawtraits page to find out more, and to contact us. Drop us an email at, or fill in our contact form here.