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Are you looking for an affordable and highly professional Logo designer?

Hi! We are a professional logo design company based in the UK, and we have been designing top-quality, quirky logos for over 15 years… We are passionate about helping our customers achieve the unique and stunning logo they have always dreamt of! As the face of your business, a well-thought-out logo design is undoubtedly essential to your company’s image. It greets everyone and says ‘Hello’, and a well-designed logo will always leave a lasting impression! The saying goes that first impressions are everything, and that’s why we specialise in creating logos that are not only professional & unique but that are also eye-catching and stand the test of time!

Some of our recent Logo designs:

Creating your new branding needn’t be stressful, confusing, or a pain!

It should be exciting and adventurous!

We can help you by creating a logo that sits well with your company’s values and stands out from the crowd! We’re renowned for producing logos that are edgy, quirky and uniquely different. Plus… they are very AFFORDABLE!

So how does it all work…?

In today’s business and economic climate, standing out in the crowd is even more critical than ever. However, it must be for the right reasons, not just to look pretty, but to effectively show the world ‘WHO YOU ARE!’

Employing the services of an experienced and successful logo designer is a crucial factor, and finding someone who will support your opinions and ideas and ensure that you end up with the logo design of your dreams can sometimes prove a tricky task!  We work closely with all of our clients throughout every development stage, obtaining feedback and fine-tuning as the process progresses. Whether you require a funky, fun, illustrated, corporate, or wildly eye-catching logo – we can help!


We are a well-established logo design company based in the UK, and Sarah loves nothing better than getting to work with her pens and pencils to start creating her latest logo. So, whether you are a brand new business or an existing company, we can give you that extra-special edge with your image!

We believe that your logo should reflect your company values, look great and have real personality. We don’t simply create something that looks nice; we put lots of thought into creating a logo that works for YOU.

What you will get from us when designing your logo:

– Friendly and supportive service

– Highest quality, affordable logo design

– Quality files in all formats, EPS, PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNGs, AI

– Unique look and appearance

– Superb styling and an image you can be proud to show to the world

– Friendly advice, and a helping hand along the way.

– A little more money left in your pocket, as we are very affordable!

Make some BIG savings with our affordable logo designs!

Whether you are a large company looking for an entire branding solution or a smaller business looking for a cost-effective logo, pound-for-pound, Happydesigner offers some of the best logo designs money can buy. Your logo design will be totally unique and second to none for value and quality. You can rest assured that if you work with us on developing your new company image, you will receive highly professional results at very affordable prices!

Why not talk to us about your logo requirements? We will provide you with a service that is second to none, whatever your business type or size. From big corporate logo/branding projects to cost-effective designs for the smaller company, we will be as flexible as possible to suit your needs.

Because we are a small company, we are able to offer you a top-quality, professional and personal service at a much lower cost than some of the larger design agencies. Plus, you will be in direct contact with the people responsible for creating and organising your lovely affordable logo, which is definitely a good thing, as being passed from one person to another can be frustrating and almost always counter-productive!

Looking for an affordable but high-quality logo design? Well, look no further!

Our Logo Design process:

As your logo design company, our ethos is to work closely with you on achieving exactly what you want, and to this end, we have created our very own process which enables us to achieve this goal:


Step one:

We will take the time needed to find out from you exactly what you are looking for, usually via emails so that we have a record of everything we can refer back to. Occasionally, it might be an idea for us to have a virtual meeting or phone call with you to find out more about you as a company and what you wish to achieve with your logo (a bit of a  ‘get to know each other’ moment!). Once we have all the information we need from you, we will then carry out a little market research, learning about your target market and having a little peek at your competitors!

Once this process is completed, we will start by looking at typefaces, imagery, and icons and identifying the key areas of focus, before creating 3 initial ideas for you to choose from. These will be sent to you in a descriptive PDF format, along with, if necessary, any explanation or thoughts and how we think the designs will work for you.


Step two:

Once we have exchanged feedback and edited the ideas, we will then set to developing your final logo design, utilising our state-of-the-art computers and very latest software. We will, at this point, begin to consider colour, and mood and may even look at sub-logos, for example, themes, festive, genre-based or even more, for different areas of your business. Finally, once completed, your new design will be sent over to you for review, and once sign-off has been agreed upon, your brand new Logo will be provided to you in ALL file types and formats requested.


Step three:

Transforming the logo into the brand… This stage involves applying the designed logo to all material required; whether it be as a shop front sign, on stationery, or applied to vehicles or clothing, we can provide you with the logo in the formats you need!

We provide packages to suit all requirements; a Logo package, Branding package, Business start-up package or an Advance package, meaning that whatever your budget or needs, we can provide it all!

So, after reading this page, if there is anything you think we have missed, if you have any questions, or if you are simply looking to get started with your affordable logo design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Then, if you decide to work with us as your assigned logo design company, we will work to provide you with the Logo & Branding you have always dreamt of!

Some of our previous clients

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