Are you looking for a professional but affordable logo designer, to turn your brand into something unique?


Hi, I am a professional logo designer based in the UK. I have been designing quirky logos for 15 years now. I am passionate about helping my customers develop the unique and stunning logo that they have dreamt of! Having a well thought out affordable logo design is, without doubt, the most important part of your company’s image. It is the face of your business, it meets everyone, says hello, and good ones stick! As its always said… first impressions are everything. Thats why I specialise in creating logos that are not only professional & unique, but that stand the test of time! get-a-quote-buttonSome of my recent Logo designs:

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Creating your new branding needn’t be stressful, confusing nor a pain! Instead, it should be exciting and adventurous! I can help you to create a logo that not only sits well with your companies values but that also stands out from the crowd! I’m renowned for producing logos that are edgy, unique and different BUT most of all… that are AFFORDABLE!

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So how does it all work…?


littlemonsters-logo-design4It is well known in the today’s logo industry that it’s vital to stand out in the crowd. But for the right reasons, It’s not just about looking pretty, it’s about showing the world ‘WHO YOU ARE!’

A good logo designer is a key factor and finding someone that will support your options and ideas ensuring you end up with the Logo design of your dreams, can sometimes prove a tricky task.  I ensure that I work closely with my clients at all times, Getting feedback every step of the way. Wither you require a funky, fun and eye-catching logo, This is where I can help!

I am a well-established logo designer in the UK, and I love nothing better than getting my pens and pencils out, and creating an image for a new or existing company.

Also I think your logo should reflect your company values, look great and have some personality. I don’t just create something that looks nice, I put a lot of thought into creating something that fits.


What you will get from your logo designer:


– Friendly and supportive service

– Highest quality affordable logo design

– Flexible quality files, EPS, PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNGs, AI

– Unique look, and complete individual appearances

– Superb styling, and a look you can be proud to show to the world

– Friendly advise, Branding development and a helping hand along the way.

– Money left over to spend!


Make some big savings with my affordable logo designs!

Whether you are a large company looking for an entire branding solution or a smaller business looking for a cost-effective logo solution, As your logo designer I can offer some of the best logo design. Save your money… As your designs come second to none, you can rest assured that if you work with me as your new logo design you will get the best ideas for prices that are affordable!

paperball-wtI can negotiate a fair quote for your business, whatever its size. From big corporate logo design projects to cost-effective design for the smaller company, I can be flexible to suit your needs.

Being freelance it means I can offer you these services at a much lower cost than some of the bigger design agencies, and also you are in direct contact with the person who is creating your lovely affordable logo! Which is definitely a good thing. As being passed from one person to another is always a frustrating process!

Looking for affordable but high-quality logo design?

Well, look no further!

My Logo Design process:

For the best results, as your logo designer, I want to work closely with you on achieving exactly what you want. I follow a certain process which enables me to achieve this:


Step one:

First things first, a meeting (or a call) to discuss who you are and what you do. A general ‘get to know each other’ moment. Once I have all the information I need I tend to go away and scout the online market, Looking at competitors and learning a little about the target market.

Once I have this information I am then able to start creating 3 initial ideas for you, looking at typefaces, imagery, icons and pointing out the key areas of focus. This will all be sent to you in a descriptive PDF explaining my thoughts and how I think they work for you.


Step two:

Once we have exchanged feedback and edited the ideas, I will then develop up your final logo using the latest software packages. We will at this point then start to consider colour, mood and may even look at sub-logos, for example, themes, festive, genre-based or even for different areas of your business. Once sign off has been granted your Logo will be provided in ALL file types required.


Step three:

Transforming the logo into the brand… This stage involves applying the designed logo to all material required, wither it be a shop front sign, stationery, merchandise or clothing it will be in a format that can be applied to absolutely anything!

I do packages to suit different requirements; Logo package, branding package, business start-up package and an advance package. So whatever your budget or needs, all can be provided.


So if there is anything I have missed or you are simply looking to get started with your affordable logo design then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and as your new assigned logo designer, I will ensure to give you the logo & brand you have always dreamt of!

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