Im an animal illustrator with a difference!

I am so passionate about animals… well im just mad for them that i love nothing better than doing a quick sketch or a 6 hour masterpiece

Im a leading Animal Illustrator uk and love nothing better than getting funny images of your fury friends to draw, weither its a birthday present or just a small way of keeping a memory, Im the animal illustrator that can help!



I just love animals!

Having lots of pets of my own i know what each of them are like, their characteristics and the way the behave, all comes part of them being themselves! I know how important it is to capture all their cheeky charms in a cartoon, water colour paing or maybe just a sketch!

Also I can cater for ANY budget, making me the UKs most affordable animal illustrator!! I also offer discounted rates for multiple pictures!!


It doest matter if its your dog, hamster or stick insect, As your animal illustrator I could draw anything you wish, it could be painted in any style or to any size.

So if you fancy a massive canvas of your dog rufus… I can help!


Being around animals daily allows me to study shapes and sizing to make sure that your picture is the best.

So why choose me as your illustrator?

When picking an animal illustrator its important that you trust them… As I know, I would not just trust any person with my lovelies! I work with you to ensure I capture the true identity, and look of your animal.

If you like what you have seen and read then just drop me an email with your pictures or give me a call for your free quote.