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Illustration is not just one of my services, its not even work! Its my favourite hobby! I have been drawing ever since I can remember, and now have 10 years of professional experience as an illustrator in Cornwall.


I can provide all sorts of creative and professional Illustration in Cornwall and worldwide, including digital illustration, Children’s Book llustration and Cartoon Character Design. Large businesses or small, or even individuals, I put the same love and time into creating unique little critters with real character that really make an impression!

Whatever purpose you want your little friend (or friends!) to be attached to, whether its for a website, logo, brand mascot, greeting card, comic strip or the next best selling childrens book!, I can help your ideas come to life. My experience means I can take you through the entire process from concept and design to print/implementation!

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My illustration services include:

  • childrens book illustratorCartoon character illustration
  • Logo character design
  • Mascot design
  • Children’s picture book illustrations
  • Comic strip illustration
  • Children’s merchandise illustration
  • Life-like animal portraits

Have I forgotten anything? Get in touch! I love a challenge!!


What you can expect from my illustrations

    • Original, unique, and most importantly, made for you.
    • Affordable and negotiable prices
    • A generous amount of changes in the artwork so we can get it right!
    • Final art work supplied in your desired print or web friendly format:  – High resolution PDF, TIFF, EPS and JPEG etc.
    • For any purpose any size
    • I don’t quit until you’re totally satisfied!
    • Fast service, but never rushed
    • The best and most quirky Illustration in Cornwall!
    • I will work to your project deadlines and communicate with you every step of the way
  • A few jokes and pleasant conversation to boot !


The importance of good illustration…

When picking an Illustration it can easy to go to a clip art gallery and get a sub-standard and cheap graphic, but they dont stand out for the right reasons. Thats why its important to get yourself a good illustrator that can give you a unique look, an illustration that can be used on any media and will stand the test of time, And most importantly an illustration that shouts volumes about your business and grabs the attention of the clients you hope to attract!


So why choose me as your illustrator?

When picking an illustrator its important that you both want the same thing… success for your business. I work to meet your needs by researching deep into your companies history and values to ensure I capture the true feel for what you stand for and want to achieve. So whether your business needs a Plummer called Pete, a portrait of your pets or simply a banana…. I can draw anything… The bigger the challenge the better 🙂

Recent Logo designs:

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Just remember, the first impression usually turns out to be the final and lasting impression.

Illustration can be a tricky and complex job, but i am here to help you decide whatever you need! Be sure to check out my References page to see what my clients have had to say about the illustrations I have created for them. If you have any vector, painting or sketch that you need to bring to life, get in touch today and I can set my magic pens to work!

Select the style you like…

When we write stories, we all have a style in mind. So to get the best out of a journey and to create the book(s) as you have imagined, I offer a varied amount of styles. We all have different tastes, after all!!

childrens book illustrations styles