Make a Gift Book - for any occasion!

Would you like a fully illustrated, bespoke Wedding Invitation Book?

How about a very special landmark Birthday Party Invite? Or maybe you just want to simply tell a Special Story. Well, You have landed in the right place, as we can help you with EVERY step of the way!

Wedding / Party / Baby Shower Invitation

Are you getting married soon? Maybe you’re organising a special anniversary or birthday party? Perhaps you are thinking about celebrating the birth of a baby, or have another great reason to throw a party? If so, you’re probably thinking about what sort of invitations to send out. Sending out general invites is okay, but they can be predictable, a little boring, and lacking in imagination. So how exciting, and original would it be for you to surprise your family and friends by inviting them with your very own bespoke, fully illustrated book! Your unique book could, perhaps, tell the story about how you met each other, contain a potted history of your time together, or depict the journey taken leading up to the arrival of your child. In the case of a birthday party, it could be a humorous list of all of the major life events of the person who’s birthday is being celebrated! The idea and story content for the book is uniquely yours, and the book will be individual to you! 

Marriage Proposal

Are you wondering how you can propose to your partner in your own unique way? Why not do it with a book! You could maybe, write a simple story about how you feel, and that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Or perhaps you could get super imaginative, and write your very own fairy tale! You could even attach the ring inside of the back page! The ideas are endless and only limited by your imagination!

Your Own Special Story Gift Book

Have you made up your own short story that you used to tell to your children, or grandchildren at bedtime? Would you like that story turning into your very own book? Something you could give as a gift to your loved ones so that they can keep and read your story forever? We can do that for you!

How Do We Do It?

Well, there’s no need to worry as the process is very simple and straight forward! Firstly, send us your story/invitation details (no more than 200 words please), along with a brief description of the characters (a photo or two would help too, although we do not promise exact likenesses!), and we will begin to create the magic. Once the sketch stage has completed, we will send this to you for your approval, and at this time, any minor changes or corrections can be made. After this, the illustrations are completed and placed into the book template alongside the text ready for final tweaking, approval and printing! Easy!

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What Do I Get?

The basic Gift Book package gives you one, high quality printed version of the book to keep for yourself or give away as you wish. Should you require further copies (for instance, to give to numerous family members or friends, or for invitations), these can be supplied for an additional charge. The cost of this will be available upon request and will be purely dependent on the number of extra books required.

Some Legal Stuff…

You must ensure that your story does not infringe on anyone’s intellectual copyright. For example, please do not use actual company trade names or existing character names from other stories, films, TV shows, books etc. With further regard to copyrighting, every illustrator automatically owns the copyright to all of their creations by default, and you will receive a limited licence to use the illustrations within the purchased book only.

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