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    Hi, I'm Sarah...

    Known as the 'quirky little designer' I have over 12 years of professional experience as an illustrator and designer working with hundreds of clients far and wide! Drawing is not just my job... its who I am!

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    Children's Books...

    Im best known for my work on Children's Books. I can offer you the complete package from start to finish. (Im a big kid at heart) which allows me to create the books that children love!...

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    Illustration is not just one of my services, its not even work! Its my favourite hobby! I have been drawing ever since I can remember, and now have 10 years of professional experience as an illustrator...

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    Picture Books...

    I have been drawing children's picture books for the last 10 years. I have developed a wide range of distinct but varied styles, which allows me to create many different kinds of quirky and wacky children's books!...

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    My Series... Gillie Can

    A new Children’s book series aimed specifically at Early years. Providing books & resources that will encourage young children to learn and to have confidence in themselves...

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    Logo design...

    I am passionate about helping my customers develop the unique and stunning logo that they have dreamt of! As its always said… first impressions are everything. Thats why I specialise in creating logos that are not only professional & unique, but that stand the test of time!...

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    My Blog...

    Keep up-to-date with my latest projects, see the new books/illustrations/logos I have been working on etc... also see all my latest happydesigner random ramblings...

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pencilsHello there, Thanks for dropping by! Im an animal crazy Graphic Designer & Illustrator, based in North Cornwall. I have over 12 years of professional experience as an illustrator and designer working with hundreds of clients far and wide!  As a branding specialist and Children’s creative illustrator, I have worked with agencies and publishers to develop the knowledge and expertise to be able to give you the unique & professional designs you are searching for!

Heres some of the recent publications I have had the pleasure of working on:

  • children's book illustrator

  • children's book illustrator

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  • annies-grannies-publications

  • new-bb-2publications

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  • children's book illustrator

  • chloe-weatherbys-1-publications

  • children's books

  • children's book illustration
  • publicationsgreenapple

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  • busy body series
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  • publications-2getherness

  • children's books

  • publications-travellintrio

  • publications-rk
  • publications-hugo
  • publications-billytingles
  • publications-labs
  • publications-travisperkins
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  • children's book illustration
  • publication-wellybobbers
  • publications-marmaduke
  • publications-mermaids
  • publications-thomasstar
  • children's books
  • chloe-weatherbys-4-publications
  • publication-tobys-shoes
  • children's books
  • elephant-publications
  • children's book illustration
  • children's book illustrator