A Helping Hand

Children’s book illustration/character design

Written by Sharon Milburn.

“This charming story, accompanied by delightful illustrations, is set in the beautiful countryside of Cornwall. It shows how one simple action, made by a little Cornish boy called Lowen, can have a truly amazing outcome.”

Have you ever wondered how much you can impact on life around you? Even just one action can change the course of someone, or something’s, life, and you may not even know it! Lowen is excited as his Pappy is taking him fishing for the first time. Whilst they set up, Lowen has a look around the river they’re fishing on and is excited to see some Dandelions. What he doesn’t realise is how much of an impact he’s about to have on those two little Dandelions, and he changes the course of their life forever, in the best possible way.

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