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Written by Louise M. Dickens

Louise Dickens lives on the South Devon coast and is a ‘pawrent’ to three gorgeous pugs – Alfie, Stanley and Bertie. Alfie is a fawn pug who tries to exercise as little as possible, Stanley is a black pug who looks a bit like one of the characters in the film Planet of the Apes. and Bertie, the youngest of the three, is really a mummy’s boy who still thinks he is a puppy!

Shortly after the ‘infamous’ lockdown, Louise put pen to paper and immortalised her three pugs in a series of illustrated chapter books – the Alfred and Friends series! Taking inspiration from Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven stories, Louise wrote the first story, The Mystery On The Golden Hind, which was quickly followed up by the second in the series, Trouble In The Big Top, with more in the pipeline to come soon! 

A delightful and entertaining series of books that we’re sure you will enjoy, and we at Happydesigner are especially proud to have designed and illustrated each one!

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