Written by Anma Gull

“My brother loves climbing on furniture. He takes out everything from the grocery bags until he finds his favourite fruit, a big yellow banana. He sometimes reminds me of a monkey.”

If you have a baby brother then these stories will resonate with you! “My Brother Is An Animal” and “My Wibbly Wobbly Brother” are both delightful books with their own tales of naughty younger brothers!

“Animal” is a story all about a little brother who is a banana-loving monkey, a water-loving fish and a wrestling lion! Whereas “Wobbly” is a naughty little brother who loves anything wibbly wobbly, like noodles, but also loves playing in dens with his older sister. For any siblings with younger brothers, these books will ring true! Although anyone with siblings will recognise the brothers’ naughty behaviour and loving nature. Great books for the 4+ age group.

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