Children’s book illustration/character design

Written by By Clayre Bennett

‘The Light’ (The Dreamy Jeany Series) – is the first in a series of poetry versed stories about a little girl called Jeany and her over-imaginative mind whenever she falls asleep. Jeany is 5 years old and has shoulder length afro ringlets, a little button nose and small freckles just below at the corner of her eyes, but they’re so small they’re not visible.

‘The Light’ appears when she has nodded off and so does a little character called ‘Snowy’. Snowy takes after his name with a white face, soft fluffy hair and piercing blue eyes.  He is so small, in fact he is ankle height and doesn’t speak a lot – he only appears at the start and end of Jeany’s dream and is really a figment of Jeany’s imagination.  Jeany’s adventure begins when she opens a door into another world where whatever you think albeit good, becomes a reality…

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