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Sarah was incredibly proud and excited to be commissioned to illustrate the design for a garden that is to be featured at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show in 2022!

Jamie Butterworth, the managing director and founder of Form Plants in Windsor, designed the garden and wished for his design to be illustrated in a watercolour style similar to that in a children’s book, rather than it having the usual corporate digital feel. The garden design was commissioned by the children’s mental health charity, Place2Be, in partnership with Sarasin & Partners. Highlighting the vital role of the environment in maintaining children’s mental health, the garden design was created to offer a safe space where children can take time to unwind and enjoy a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The fantastic thing about the project is that, once the show has ended, the garden is to be transported to and permanently relocated at the Viking Primary School in west London, which is in a deprived area where most children live in flats and have limited access to any garden space.

Jamie was searching for an illustrator who would uniquely envisage his design and turn it into an illustration that could have come straight from a children’s book. Thankfully, he discovered Happydesigner, and we were able to create the style he was looking for! Working from Jamie’s rough drawings, Sarah waved her magic wand (well, pencils and paints!) and brought the garden design to life. We hope you agree that the result was beautiful!




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