chickens in childrens books

Written by Rachel Lake

My name is Cora Kearns and this is my farm.

Welcome to the busy world of Cora Farm! Cora runs a farm that contains cheeky chickens, perky pigs, graceful goats and crafty cows. Each visit will take you around the farm, meeting the animals and learning their habits.

Today we are meeting Cora’s Cheeky Chickens, a group of chickens that are friendly and cheeky! Collect eggs, feed grain and meet the clan here on Cora Farm. You can even join in with cooking the cheeky eggs.

Author Rachel Lake has created a beautifully-told series that is informative as well as fun. Learn about different types of chickens and how they look, along with how to feed them and what kind of yolk is freshest. Rachel also weaves unexpected elements into her stories that help keep the learning going, such as learning about calcium and the importance of tooth brushing. This book would be great for children aged 2+, with bright, colourful images and simple to understand and read sentences.

Join Rachel, and Cora, on Cora Farm!

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