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Written by Reid Whaley

“Suddenly, the sad doggies started to become magic and happy too.”

“Darcey realised her magic was too strong for one little doggy. She decided to share it so that all the other doggies were happy, just like her. One summer’s day, Darcey Doggy used her magic powers to y up to doggy heaven, high in the blue sky. There she gave the other doggies some of her love that the giant and her mummy had given to her.”

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If you can read the whole of Darcey Doggy and not want your own Darcey then clearly you aren’t a dog person! This also goes for anyone that finishes the story without bursting into tears. Darcey is a well-loved rescue pup whose primary purpose in life is to spread joy and love through her twinkly eyes and long, waggy tail. When Darcey finally has to say goodbye to her human family she takes all that love and happiness up to the other doggies in doggy heaven who also need to be cared for. Grab your tissues before reading this one, but make sure to read it to your kids to reassure them that when they beloved pet does leave them, they’re only going on to help other pets who need them. A great book to help deal with grief for children, especially if they do have pets.


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