Written By Kevin Bell

“Freddie the dragon was a creature of old, a creature whose tale has never been told…until now.”

Unlike other dragons, Freddie was different and it made him feel sad, for poor Freddie’s fire didn’t shoot out of his mouth like dragons normally could; oh no, Freddie’s fire came out of his bum!

Join Freddie as he battles fierce dragons and embarks upon a voyage of self-discovery where ultimately he finds out it’s ok to be different. The author, Kevin Bell, is hoping to “show every child that it doesn’t matter if you are not the same as others, just be true to yourself, follow your dreams and one day you too may be a hero just like our little Freddie Fire Bum”. Freddie may not be the same as every other dragon he knows, but his talent for shooting fire from his bottom certainly comes in handy when the mean dragons come to invade their home…

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