Written by Ash Menon

Gobble Gobble is a little turkey who sometimes struggles to sleep. He tries all sorts of tricks and methods, including a warm glass of milk, a bubbly bath, and deep breathing. He also likes to talk to his family if he feels anxious or sad about something, and he makes sure that when it’s bedtime he relaxes, and doesn’t get upset if he can’t fall asleep right away.

Goodnight Gobble Gobble is a wonderfully reassuring and soothing book about sleep. If your little ones struggle to nod off, or sometimes get a little scared at nighttime, try reading them some Gobble Gobble to ease their minds and send them off to the land of nod. After all, Gobble Gobble sometimes reads a book to help him nod off!

A great book for young children, whether they are good at bedtime or not. With bright, colourful pictures and easy to understand language, this is a must for any little library.

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