Children’s book illustrations

Written by Joanne Livesey.

“Gordon the guinea pig was clever and kind He had long, ginger fur and a big, round behind”

Gordon is a Guinea Pig with a talent for solving crimes. As it happens, there’s a crime taking place on his farm! The rabbit has lost her carrot, the donkey has mislaid some straw and someone has taken some wool from the sheep’s back! Who can have committed these crimes, and can Gordon find the criminal or will you guess them first? Don’t forget to keep an eye on on each page for Gordon’s favourite snack, his broccoli! He leaves a piece on every page especially for you to find. So, what are you waiting for? Time to crack this case!

This charming book contains a lovely, rhyming story that will delight children and have them scratching their heads as they search for clues!

guineapig-illustration-childrens book

Gordon is a guinea pig detective with a talent for solving crime! When a rabbit asks for his help in finding his stolen food, Gordon opens

‘The Case of the Missing Carrot’… Can you solve the crime before Gordon does?!

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