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Children’s Book Illustration/Character design

Author: Lucia Sevcikova

Lucia Sevcikova is the owner of Chateau Foldvary, a small luxury boutique hotel, and a pioneer in transforming hotel management and business to exclusively include organic, seasonal and locally grown foods and to promote the philosophy of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Lucia is currently working as an Integrative Holistic Health Coach. She is very passionate about following her calling in health and wellness, which are the principals she serves each one of her guests at the lovely Chateau Foldvary.

Lucia currently lives and works both at the Chateau and in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, together with her partner and two dogs. They both dedicate themselves to their historic hotel and holistic lifestyles.

This story is about two little dogs, Hugo and Maxie, who find themselves experiencing a magical adventure in the beautiful setting of Chateau Foldvary. Hugo is an extraordinary French Bulldog, who tells his life story, including a little extra fairy tale magic.

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