Written By Val Blackburn

‘There was once a dragon called Jasper who wasn’t like the other dragons. Jasper couldn’t breathe fire. Whenever he tried, great big jets of water flew out of his mouth instead.”

Jasper isn’t like the other dragons in Huffenpuffen. All the other dragons lived happily with the people of the village, as they had need of their fire!

Campfires, bonfires and fireworks were all provided by the dragons, and the villagers loved how the dragons could help them out. Jasper, however, can’t breathe fire. No matter how hard he tries, he just breathes water! But what use is a dragon that breathes water?

Find out how Jasper not only becomes a village hero, but finds out how being different isn’t a bad thing at all. Jasper the Firefighting Dragon is a wonderful story of acceptance, being happy with yourself and of course, a story about dragons!

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