Written by Kathleen Monaghan 

Lavenderbuddy wasn’t always called that! His name was unknown, and his parents didn’t know what to call him that would show everyone how kind, thoughtful and special he was. You see, Lavenderbuddy had a very special line of glowing chakras all up and down him. He liked to say magical words to himself if he felt the chakras weren’t glowing and spinning. One day he helps a very special friend out, and in doing so finds his name, as well as some real happiness!

How Lavenderbuddy Got His Name is a sweet book about a little bear who loves to help. It’s a great story for getting kids to think about their actions and to let them think about how their behaviour can really help others, even in a small way. There are quite a lot of words, so it’s a great one to be read aloud to little people, or perhaps a good one to tackle for new readers.

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