Written by Jodie Jackson

Whilst the elders are looking for problems, Little Ruffle goes looking for solutions!

Little Ruffle and The World Beyond is an illustrated children’s book about a little bird who can’t see out of her nest, so listens to stories about the world from her elders. As a result, she becomes afraid to fly the nest because it sounds like a bad and scary place. But Little Ruffle soon learns through a heart-warming adventure that the world is filled with beauty, kindness, courage and brilliance – we just have to know where to look. 

Little Ruffle and The World beyond is a touching tale of kindness, courage and triumph.

“If we want a different story, 

We must take a different view,

Climb on my little darling,

I’ve got something to show to you…”

I am so happy that I found Sarah to bring my book to life. Sarah took the time to listen and really made the effort to make sure that I was happy and her brilliant designs translated the words of my book into a beautiful visual story. Sarah has a great insight into how to best produce a children’s book and is really helpful in getting you there! I really cannot recommend Sarah enough – brilliant designer, friendly and professional. The experience has been a great one!

Jodie Jackson
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