Kirrilly has a secret that nobody else knows, her Nana is MAGIC! 

Kirrilly loves visiting her Nana and Grandad with their lovely big garden and best of all, Nana’s magic workshop, where she makes all of her magic things!Today, Magic Nana makes a Dragon Telescope so that she can show Kirrilly the dragon that has been flying in the skies near Nana’s house.

Did you know that Dragons are real?

Sarah is awesome! I am so happy that she is the person to have helped me bring Magic Nana to life. It has been an absolute joy to work with her on this book and I am very much looking forward to working with her on many more! Sarah really understood the brief right from the beginning and has been able to translate my ideas and mental images, that at times were quite specific, into magical illustrations that are better than I’d ever hoped. She has absolutely nailed it with this book and I am delighted with the finished result.I wholeheartedly recommend her and look forward to continuing to work together.” 

Gareth Edwards