Written by John Swankie.

Mighty Midge McKechnie is the terror of Glen Dhu!

“Mighty Midge McKechnie was a terror through and through, he loved to bite the tourists that ventured up Glen Dhu.”

The tourists who flock to Scottish beauty spot, Glen Dhu, have been terrorised by a tiny Midge for years! Might Midge McKechnie, with his cousins Big Tam and Bitey Jock, have had a lovely time chewing on all the locals and tourists, and whoever is sent to scare them off is chased away after being bitten by the midges! So what can the locals do, when the tourists all go away and the midges have won? Perhaps something unexpected will “blow in” and the midges will have to go somewhere else?

A very funny rhyming story, with typical John Swankie wit and tongue-in-cheek humour, Mighty Midge McKechnie is a Scottish tale of three naughty midges, told in an endearing way that may make you feel a twinge of sympathy for the midges who nibble on you when you’re on holiday! Perfect for children of school age and up, with fun images and naughty insects. What’s not to love!

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