Written by Rebecca Herrington.

Published by Little Bay books.

Mr Leafy and his friends live and surround us all, but they are rarely noticed despite standing so tall. Mr Leafy and his friends are important to help sustain life and this book aims to help little ones appreciate the nature outside. There are lots of things that Mr Leafy sees, as he stands viewing the world majestically.

“Mr Leafy and his friends provide oxygen to help you to breathe, they also absorb carbon dioxide, and filter pollutants through their leaves. They need the sun and the rain to keep them well fed, and space to grow to provide their inhabitants with a bed.
They will provide you with shelter or an activity or two, maybe for art work; or to play ‘peekaboo!’.”

On each page can you find the hidden bee? Bees are an important part of nature as they pollinate the flowers, plants and trees as well as making lots of yummy, scrummy honey!

“Mr Leafy and Friends” is a gentle story about the life of Mr Leafy, a tree with a keen eye. Mr Leafy watches nature go on around him, whilst taking part himself! Wriggly worms explore his roots, horses bask in the shade of his trees and children make sure he gets plenty of hugs. Ideal for keen little readers, or for very young children upwards at bedtime, Mr Leafy is a story that you can enjoy with any age child. It’s a lovely reminder of how to look after our world, and a great message to pass onto the next generation. The engaging illustrations will have you returning again and again to this book to spot something new each time!

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