Written by Lottie Prentice.

children's book illustratorThese Books are all based on Lottie’s little boy William…. they are stories that capture the imagination of little ones and are full of wonderful adventure and dreams… or are they dreams?? In this first story, William falls asleep and dreams that he is a tiger.  When he wakes up he begins to realise that it might not have been a dream after all…..

This being the first of many in the upcoming Series, ‘Night Night… My Little Tiger’ has been a joy to work on… Its a quirky tail and I loved getting my teeth into those illustrations!! (excuse the tiger relevant puns!!)

Designed to help with language development and to teach children about animals in a fun and imaginative way, this is a must read for all children and parents to aid peaceful sleep.

The author Lottie Prentice is a successful children’s author passionate about children’s literature and education. She believes that children are never too young to develop a strong understanding of language and all too often their capacity to understand and thirst for knowledge are underestimated.

Heres some of the reviews…:

“A gloriously adventurous trip into stripy imagination – I loved it.” 

DOM JOLY – Comedian & Journalist.

“My little boy adores this story. It is a truly beautiful tale. I cannot wait for the next one!” 

JODIE KIDD – Model & TV Personality.

“Lottie has produced an unusual and engaging book full of colour and interest. Well done!”

JERRY HIBBERT – Award winning Producer, Director and Animator.

“A beautiful book that lets you believe in the beauty of dreams” 

TWEEDY – The Legendary Clown.

Lottie has also been getting out there with the promotion!

Here’s some magazine coverage of her school visits and interviews:

childrens book illustration

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