cats in books

Written & illustrated by me, Sarah-Leigh Wills

So what’s this all about?

Well to start off I have always been really wary of cats, until we decided to take the plunge (after ALOT of thought & consideration of corse) and rescue a boy! Yes, we took a leap, travelled to Devon and rescued our beloved Erik! Yes.. he is real!


Meet (the real) Erik!

Having picked him up just before lockdown in March 2020, we had lots of time to bond with our new 7month old family member. Introducing him to our routines, our surroundings and encouraging him to be part of the day to day goings on.

Immediately it was apparent that Erik was VERY interested in everything we did. His intelligence, inquisitive and playful nature are amazing and we do our very best to encourage him to be included.

So what’s started the brand?

Oh Erik was just born on the back of me using Erik as a daily doodle warm up. I tend to draw random bits in the studio, and one day he was just sat there with his head on the side looking irresistible.

Some of our previous clients

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